E-Book Readers – Will They Ever Replace Traditional Books?

After a number of false dawns it would seem that the e-book reader has finally come of age. The concept of storing thousands of books electronically on one device is set to change the written word in the same way as the MP3 player revolutionized the music industry.

Convenience: The main benefit of the e-book reader is the convenience of having hundreds if not thousands of books stored electronically rather than taking up space by the side of your bed or in your loft or garage. People also tend to take lots of books on holiday, well this could soon become a thing of the past as travelers can just take a single, lightweight hand held device weighing a few grams.

Simplicity:Also, if you are like this author and get very frustrated about coming to the end of a great book and then having nothing to read for a few days before you can get another, this can be avoided with an e-book reader. Once you have finished reading a book electronically simply download another book from the Internet. This can be extremely satisfying especially when you can search online for sequels or titles by the same author.

Environmentally Friendly: Given the problems facing the planet, the production of the written word is hardly environmentally friendly. However, those utilizing an e-book reader can be confident that they are doing their bit to help the environment as they no longer have to purchase the written word in material made from trees.

Students: Perhaps one of the most exciting applications for the e-book reader is for students, the cost of buying textbooks year after year can face a serious financial burden on already stretched student finances. However, it is feasible for a student to buy the majority of study books on their e-book reader. This will save a few hundred pounds as well as removing the need to carry heavy books around campus!


Yes, this author believes that we are witnessing the beginning of the end for the traditional method of reading books. There is also a cost saving as e-books are becoming cheaper than traditional books and in some case you can obtain an e-book free of charge.