E-books, How They Can Help You Capture More Market Share

Nearly anyone can create a high quality e-book

I know that the idea of creating an e-book is daunting for many people, and it really is an important undertaking. After all, you are responsible for what you create and if you create an e-book that is not a quality product, or you provide incorrect information, you may have a lot of really upset people on your hands. To avoid creating sub-par e-products, follow these basic guidelines and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Do your preliminary research! To avoid writing an e-book that is full of useless information, compile as much information from as many sources as you can. Think of it like writing a paper in college, but one you will make money from. Your college instructor wouldn’t let you slide on the quality of your assignments and you should address writing your e-books with the same zeal. Also, put yourself in the shoes of the reader. If you downloaded, or paid for, an e-book that had worthless information in it, you would be upset too. Many e-book writers who do not do their research end up giving a lot money back out in returns, losing much of their potential profits. An even worse scenario is that many of your customers are too passive to request a refund and simply decide they will never purchase another product from you again, turning a potential windfall into a complete loss. Do your research and put quality information in your e-books.

Another great way to ensure that your e-books are well received is to make sure to have at least 1 editor review it before you publish it. In the heat of writing and composing, many of us get emotionally involved with our style, which isn’t always helpful. Having someone else review it can reveal your tendencies to use run-on sentences, over-punctuate or use indirect language. Each of these things will keep your readers from absorbing your information fully and may keep them from picking up your next product.

When you are composing your e-book, write like you talk. In most cases, writing like you talk with get you a very bad grade, except on the Internet. When you write a book or something like that, you want to use proper language and try to involve your reader in a way that is different than how you want to come across on the Internet or on sales copy. When writing sales copy or creating a document that will viewed and transferred on the Internet it is better to be direct and have a reading level that is in line with the majority of people viewing your information. This may sound kind of mean but you have to dumb it down a bit for the Internet audience due to it’s vast reach and appeal. Most people who read a piece of literature are seeking something they are comfortable reading, but a person browsing the Internet may be overwhelmed if you come across sounding too much like William Shakespeare, and not like William Shatner.

These are the 3 basic rules that will help you create a useful, and popular e-book that will appeal to the broadest based of consumers. Keep in mind that not only the success of your business depends on your remembering these guidelines and practicing them well, but also your reputation. And, to most, that is as valuable as any amount of money.