E cards versus traditional greeting cards

With the explosion in Internet usage and march of technology, it’s no wonder that bespoke e cards have become more and more popular. They are quick to design and send and are great way to show someone you care. However, some people feel they don’t have the impact that traditional greeting cards have. After all, it’s always a nice feeling to receive something sweet and thoughtful through your letterbox.

Some people argue that an e card just isn’t the same. It’s just not as personal. Sure you can add your own message and personalise images, but something still seems to be missing. It’s like comparing a letter to an email. There is something powerful and special about a handwritten letter that an email will never match. Making the effort to go out to the shops to pick out nice greeting cards shows dedication and a personal touch. Anyone can quickly get onto the Internet and fire off an electronic message. This might be news to the younger generation, but anyone older than their mid thirties will remember the time before computers in the home were commonplace and the special thrill of receiving cards in the post.

Even so, e cards still have an important role to play in showing people you care. If you live abroad for example, or if you’ve been a bit slack and left it until the last minute to send something. If that’s the case, you can grab your computer and get something sorted without missing the big day.

That’s also part of the problem. It betrays the fact that you weren’t organised. Paper greeting cards take effort and planning. Which in turn is appreciated by the recipient. They realise how much thought you put into the card. Especially when you consider how busy our lives have become. They know you popped out on your lunch break, or spent part of your precious weekend to go find them a nice card to make their special occasion. It’s these efforts and gestures that mean so much to people.

If you are going to send something online rather than in the post, at least you can make it fun and lively. The big advantage you have with the computer is that you can add in sound and animation. OK, with some paper cards you open them up and they play a little tune, but it’s hardly the same thing. Plus it gets really annoying very quickly. This helps up put things into perspective. A fun electronic card with a tune and some lively graphics works best as a little boost. If someone is having a bad day for example. To express anything more meaningful, it’s best to hand write a message and send a traditional card. To show you really care.

So it’s not really a case of trying to decide which is best. Both types of card have their place and their uses, but remember you can never really replace the personal touch of a paper card to really express feelings and sentiment.