E Cigarettes Smokeless Smoking Experience

Electronic cigarettes are constantly climbing the popularity bar. They offer many advantages which are behind their growing popularity.

Amidst the age of technology, e-cigarettes are being hailed as the smart choice for smokers. Engineered to have a smokeless experience, e-cigarettes are a convenient and cost effective alternative to conventional cigarettes. These smokeless e-cigarettes allow people to ‘smoke’ anywhere, anytime, especially those who would like to be able to use whilst dining out, shopping or working as it is getting more and more difficult to smoke in public places. Those who do not want to leave the premises just to have a cigarette can now use an e-cigarette. These electronic cigarettes do not require a flame and users exhale nothing but a nicotine containing vapour.

Electronic cigarettes offer a similar experience to users as conventional cigarettes. When inhaled, the amount of nicotine present in these cigarettes gives a controlled nicotine ‘hit’ to the user. This e cig offers an alternative method of nicotine delivery without having to use a regular cigarette. These cigarettes are so designed that they provide an experience which closely resembles traditional cigarettes, which has aided their rising popularity. The vapour emitted from e-cigarettes is virtually odourless and dissipates very quickly, unlike traditional cigarettes that leave a lingering, hard to remove smell in clothing, rooms and cars

E cigarettes have a refillable cartridge which contains the nicotine containing e liquid. This e liquid is turned into vapour by a battery powered atomiser to provide the user with a nicotine hit while inhaling. The strength of the nicotine cartridges varies in doses from high nicotine strength, medium nicotine, low nicotine and no nicotine strength. High strength contains a nicotine level around 18 mg, the no nicotine strength does not contain nicotine at all, but still produces the same vapour.

An e cigarette starter kit consists of batteries, battery charger, e cigarette atomiser, power cord, assorted e cigarette cartridges and a user manual. You can have your electronic cigarette kit styled with various accessories which are available on the market. You can also choose and purchase from a variety of cases specially designed for e cigarettes in order to protect them from any damage. Instead of taking packs of cigarettes on a trip, you can carry along only a few cartridges and batteries. The life of an e cig battery varies depending on size and frequency of use.

If you are one of those who wish to experience a smokeless cigarette, you can simply search the Internet and find complete information on the e cig along with companies to buy one from. SABUNG AYAM