E-Discovery Connectors for Enterprise Vault

Electronic data discovery services can be quite taxing and expensive. Culling data effectively for litigation cases requires a high amount of expertise and experience. It can involve a lot of manual exporting and uploading which can be quite a frustrating task for the legal and IT departments. The need to eliminate manual processes to save valuable time, along with the need for a simple process that creates no errors, has paved the way for e-discovery connectors.

Legal and IT professionals have the vital responsibility of collecting and reviewing ESI without increasing the costs or risks of the e-discovery process. Symantec’s Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator facilitates e-disclosure search and recovery of archived items. It provides integrating solutions for electronic disclosurepurposes so that EV customers can use a variety of third party ediscovery software solutions in conjunction with their Enterprise Vault archive. The connectors provide integration with third-party case management, reviewing, analytics, forensics and desktop collection tools.

Key Benefits

Defense process – The e-discovery connectors help to automatically move archived data from the Enterprise Vault into third-party tools. It discards all manual procedures and sets automatic preservation into action, which handles all processes from collection to production.

Workflow integration – The solutions provided to legal investigators are integrated, which allows easy extraction of files from the Enterprise Vault archive system onto third-party tools.

A cost-effective production Tool – The user interfaces are easy and do not require manual labor to transfer the data, thus lowering the total cost of ownership and legal review.

Reviewing – The items that are bookmarked during the reviewing process in the third-party tools can be restored to the Enterprise Vault Accelerator database to be used in the future. This helps to reduce the cost of new reviews.

Monitoring and managing internal and external productions – The connectors provide a huge advantage by maintaining a centralized view of internal productions and where they have been sent. It also reports on the progress of both external and internal investigators.

Desktop collection – The active desktop data that is collected and imported into the Enterprise Vault is possible with the integration of forensic and desktop collection tools that promote cohesive e-discovery services.

Helps to focus on immediate needs – With automated processes, the time normally spent on manual processes can be used instead for focusing on designing strategies and meeting goals.

The focus of ediscovery tools should be a transparent and quick view into the case so that legal teams can develop effective case strategies. Providing a single application to handle the entire life cycle of the e-discovery process, without adding unecessary costs, is what the e-discovery solution is all about. In order to collect, preserve, review and present credible evidence, enterprises have to collaborate with several law firms, internal departments and service providers. Labor, cost and risks are factors that can hinder legal proceedings.

The Enterprise Vault e-discovery connectors help to simplify the process for teams using an integrated method so that EV customers can use a variety of third party  e discovery software solutions in conjunction with their Enterprise Vault archive.


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