E mail Advertising: A Drive to Reckon With

For marketers, one of the primary goals to making money online is by building a list of subscribers. This can be primarily for promoting their own products, or through affiliate marketing of another person’s creation. When this list has grown large enough, it might be a good time to consider other avenues, such as a joint venture with another person offering something of value.

Marketing techniques

There are a variety of techniques that can be used with an email marketing campaign, all of them designed to make money online. One quick method to pick up some extra disposable income is to include a small advertisement on the newsletter that goes out to subscribers with some new products. These are typically associate style plans that can offer a solution to problems commonly found in this niche. There should be some good feedback and maybe some testimonials as to the validity of the claims to back up the advertising.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are another way to make some easy money since they can be added electronically. Along with classified ads, these simple additions can easily increase the revenue stream for this simple e-document. And most of them will work with virtually any type of newsletter that is sent in a data format. Many of the marketing campaigns also have a small section set aside for person reviews of the latest gadgetry or e-books that have been released. A link to the place where these items can be purchase can be easily incorporated into the page to make it simple for subscribers to find the page in question. This can help to increase the bottom line and offer more interesting content for viewers who are looking for different topics to peruse.

Ad Swaps

Some other campaigns have even employed a swap of readers where each owner will send a copy of his/her newsletter to the other’s list. This could even be a single piece of content that has been found to have value and would provide an excellent addition to almost any list. It may not only add value to the list, but can help to provide the type of interesting pieces that tend to keep viewers around with email marketing.

Offering Discounts

For an established marketer, this is also a good way of offering older information/products at a discount rate to subscribers. For those people who have already created a great number of products, they can offer them in a package deal at a discount price special on for their subscribers. Another twist to this type of offering is to have membership upgrades where subscribers would pay a small fee in return for something of value. This could be as simple as a hard copy of the item on DVD as an incentive to join the premium program.

Do Discounts Work?

Savvy email marketers will notify their prospects when a new product is being offered — especially one of their own which can be offered to subscribers at massive discounts before going public with the promotion. Most of the time buyers will feel grateful and will continue to subscribe to the newsletter to grab these great deals for themselves. For any promotion, a special “thank you” page should be offered to buyers who have gone ahead and purchased the product.


Finally, a member’s only site can be offered to the email list to allow clients to get together and discuss marketing ideas that will make them more effective entrepreneurs. There are dozens of ways and methods to marketing through an email list, but the choice is really up to the individual who knows his subscribers. That is the real connection that has to be maintained throughout the entire process.

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