E-mail Writing and Social Media – The Missing Link

E-mailing is one of the single-most important forms of communication between businesses and their clients today. Whether you need to quickly correspond in a short, informal way or if you desire a large space to sort out your thoughts – e-mail writing is the perfect medium. However, e-mail is capable of working much harder to promote your business. Are you taking full advantage?

Even if you are simply responding to a client’s e-mail, you should have a preset signature at the bottom of your message. This will have your name and company, and perhaps a link to your company’s Web site. Don’t stop there, though. Use this opportunity to integrate your social media platforms into your message. Provide icons or links to your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. (This doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just a simple, non-obtrusive link or icon.) This provides a great way for your current and future customers to get a broader scope of what you are about, as well as another option for communication.

Incorporating social media into your e-mail writing also allows your company to be remembered more easily. These days, most everyone is familiar with social media platforms. Remembering to visit a Facebook page may be easier to remember than someone’s e-mail address.

By putting your social networks in your e-mail signature, you are also showing your recipient that you are “in tune” with today’s trends. You can involve your e-mail recipient more in the entire scope of your business online, as well as having more media to post updates on your company.

Finally, letting your customers know you are on Facebook or Twitter will encourage them to add you to their social networks online. Long after your e-mail correspondence is finished, they will still have you in their networks online, allowing them to stay updated on what your business is doing.