E-waste Disposal Plant In Chongqing Old Electrical Building Acquisition Price Increases – E-waste,

City to build the world’s notebook computer manufacturer Heights, grand projects, attracting many domestic and global attention of the relevant companies. Reporter yesterday (March 14) noted that Singapore’s largest new

Energy Developers?? Green Section Holdings will invest 500 million yuan, in the city to build a

Electronic Waste disposal plant, is also preparing to move its China headquarters to the city from Wuhan. According to reports, the Chongqing factory will be built adjacent to the West Wing in the microelectronics industry park near the county.

Annual handling capacity will reach 200,000 units
“Late last year, we received e-waste disposal in Chongqing franchise.” Green Branch Holdings, LIAO Hong-hai, general manager of China yesterday (March 14th) told reporters that the first phase of its Chongqing plant investment 100 million yuan, will start construction in May of this year, next year at the end of production. Completed the first two production lines of electronic waste, discarded appliances annually dismantling 200,000 units, a large number of copper, circuit boards, will be recycled. According to reports, the city will be computer generated,

TV , Refrigerator And other electronic waste will be sent to the plant unified comprehensive recycling.
Suddenly become a new e-waste materials, the amount of cost savings for business? LIAO Hong-hai calculations: If the company had spent 100 yuan to buy electronic components and other raw materials, manufactured electronic product, such as e-waste, electronic products, then to the Green Branch holding treatment, can produce 50 to 60 yuan and then integrated use value.

Waste electrical appliance purchase price will certainly be high
It is understood that the city’s electronics recycling market, a price of 1,000 yuan in PC monitors, using few years later when the waste disposal, generally sold only 100 yuan.

Holding green branches to Chongqing, the public can better price of scrap computer? LIAO Hong-hai said, the price will certainly be higher, but not high enough, “the most important thing is to avoid e-waste pollution.” It is understood that the Green Section Holdings will also set up specifically for people in the city’s electronic waste recycling center. By then, the public will be more convenient disposal of waste electrical appliances,

Environmental protection . LIAO Hong-hai yesterday also said that Chongqing has 32 million population, 800 million households, two families each year if the disposal of waste electronic products a year, about 400 million units, which is a huge opportunity for us.

Planning to build several new power plants

According to reports, the field of biomass energy as the world’s leading enterprises, the Green Section Holdings also plans to set up in Chongqing, 3 to 4 new biomass energy plant. The so-called new biomass energy, meaning through the straw, leaves, branches and methane power generation, the Green Section will set up several factories including biomass fertilizer processing plant, cogeneration plant and the gas concentration of the supply centers, each project will invest about 1 billion yuan. SABUNG AYAM