“e-waste” Pollution Why Hard Governance – E-waste, Recycling Of Waste Home Appliances –

Recently, a number of masses: At present, large and medium cities in Shaanxi Province “e-waste” serious pollution, waste computers, televisions, refrigerators, telecommunications equipment and sophisticated electronic equipment to be eliminated, and meters everywhere throw throw ; some exposure in the open air or rain soaked through, leaking hazardous substances, serious pollution of the environment, to people’s health and survival threat. Well, now the electronics city hardest hit by the pollution status of what? What caused the e-waste pollution? How to effectively remove? With these questions, this reporter recently conducted a special survey interview.

Worrying waste polluting appliances Recently, journalists in the streets and residential quarters for a walk and see most of the units of garbage dumps, major appliance parts have been thrown away, especially all kinds of used batteries everywhere. When waste is incinerated or rain erosion, toxic gases and substances have leaked. Especially in a waste electronics recycling point, the reporter saw side of the road filled with waste electrical components. A middle-aged women are dismantling a TV, all parts removed after Category stacked on the floor, she told reporters, “to sell to sell, can not be sold to throw away.” “Throw away the pollution of the environment are not afraid of you ? “a reporter asked. She said: “Nothing, recovery of waste electrical appliances are such decomposition.” Green told the reporter, scrapped the TV, computers contain lead, copper, mercury and other toxic and harmful substances in large, buried, abandoned, burned all of the soil, water , animal and plant pollution a serious threat to people’s health and lives. Is readily thrown into the garbage phone batteries, sold as scrap old appliances, even a small power switch, if not handled properly, will be on our environment caused by pollution. The survey also found that the public’s environmental awareness is still quite weak, the handling of electronic waste are also in a state run its course. E-waste pollution is like an invisible killer, already pose a serious threat to our lives.

Dismantling “guerrilla” all-pervasive If so, what caused the low rate of electronic waste recycling, pollution serious? According to the survey analysis, the following main factors: First, after the dismantling of the first use of pollution. Currently, recycling of waste appliances generally follow the “first use after the dismantling of” the principle that maintaining the basic functions first Jiujia Dian, by checking, cleaning, minor repairs, etc., to enter the secondary consumption; on the not directly Use disassembled recovery. The last to take mechanical, physical, chemical raw material recycling methods. In such a process would inevitably cause pollution. Second, the “Regulations” implementation is not optimistic. In 2004, China made and publicized the “Jiu Jiadian and Electronic Product Recovery Management Regulations,” provides national treatment of waste household electrical appliance enterprises qualification system, appliance manufacturers, distributors and service organization committed to recycling waste household appliances. Recently, several journalists have also learned a large home appliance stores, although some home appliances sales company in the appliance stores are equipped with waste collection points, and some also launched a “TM” and other activities, and the recovery of higher prices. However, many people said that heavy appliances to large shopping malls transportation, not only laborious but also posted additional freight. Therefore, it is difficult to accept. Therefore, the recovery ratio of daily shopping is still not satisfactory. Third, the regular army as “guerrillas.” Reporter found that in the cell door, often recycling waste electrical tricycle Dengzhe people, most of them in the car brand or a vertical block of plastic sheeting on the ground put sheets that read: high recovery of waste electrical appliances, TV 50 Yuan Yuan -100; washing machine 100; air conditioning 200 -500 dollars; computer 100 -300 dollars. For profit considerations, such recovery “guerrillas” are often the scope for recyclables has a “strictly limited.” Thus the formation of a large number of residents in the home can not sell scrap electronic products, while the formation of a number of informal waste recycling business but to the lack of electronic products embarrassment. It is caused by discarded home appliances into the non-normal channels, environmental pollution is another factor. China is the production of household appliances and electronic products, consumer, society is expected to keep the amount currently stands at more than 900 million sets (pieces), about 28 million units per year scrap (pieces). Has entered the electronic products

Scrapped peak. Every year at least 10 million television sets with computers, more than 400 million refrigerators, washing machines scrapped more than 600 million units; more than 7000 million mobile phones were out. So, how can we effectively prevent contamination of electronic products do? SABUNG AYAM