E74 Xbox 360 Error Solution Found

The latest generation of Microsofts Xbox 360 is riddled with many errors. These errors have gamers scrambling and trying to find out how to fix e74 Xbox 360? The famous e74 error displays a black background with baleful white writing when the Xbox is turned on. This e74 Xbox 360 has probably fried you Xbox as well hence you are reading this. I can assure you are about to fix your Xbox and get back to playing in an hour.

Now, this e74 Xbox 360 error is not a small one because retailers across the globe have reported 40% failure rates. That’s almost 1 in every 3 Xboxs will experience a problem. This is not only because of e74 Xbox 360 problem but many others such as the red ring of death, two red rings and freezing. Moreover, Microsoft did not create sufficient heat sinks within the system therefore causing the units to overheat. Once they overheat, an essential video scaler within looses its gripping as the glue melts. When that happens, the scaler does not function properly as it moves out of place. There is ample of information out there on how to fix e74 Xbox 360 problems but most of it is fluff and its not even from a gamers perspective. With over 12 million units affected by this problem a lot of people and your gamer friends are trying to find out how to fix e74 Xbox 360?

Now you can check out our article, Xbox Error E74 Explained to get more details regarding what this e74 Xbox 360 is about.

Directions on how to cure e74 Xbox 360

Get yourself a credible repair guide (see below) that provides easy to follow video instructions on how to cure e74 Xbox 360?
Skim through the entire repair manual until you get to the video tutorials.
Follow the video instructions, get a screwdriver, a metal toothpick and youll be back gaming in an hour!

This will fix your problem forever! You wont need to sit around and search how to fix e74 Xbox 360 but rather you can get back to gaming right away!

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