Easter, Gummy bears, Halloween, nostalgic, novelty-everything about candies

This sweet confection has been a favourite to the old and the young over the years. Candies have come a long way from jelly beans and the Hershey chocolate bar to its modern counterparts. Consisting of many constituents like caramel, nuts, fruits etc, candies are now rich in protein and vitamin supplements and hold nutritional values. With a wide range of variety in flavours and colours, candies are now available at affordable prices at online stores as well. At the click of a button you could get your favourite candies delivered at your doorstep at the lowest transportation charges. Standing at this point, here I present an insight on the various types of candies available in the market today:

1. Easter candies are sold the most at the time of Easter and have a prolonged history behind their existence. According to the Christian myths associated with productivity, the rabbit and the hare were known to be the most bountiful of all animals, symbolising new life. This is the whole concept behind the ‘Easter bunny’, which is said to have originated in Germany. Today, Easter candies are produced in the shape of the Christian folklore characters and in different colours and flavours. The most popular Easter candies include Easter Hershey’s kisses, marsh mellow bunnies, assorted Easter chocolates, jelly beans, jelly eggs etc.

2. First introduced in Germany, Gummy bear candies are tiny sized, gelatine based candies with a rubbery coating and come in various shapes and colours. Manufactured from an amalgamation of starch, sugar, glucose syrup, gelatine food colour and citric acid, it is often not favoured by the vegetarians. The gelatine content in gummy bear candies have always been a health concern for its consumers and also the sticky constituent have been held accountable for teeth decay among kids. But now gummy bear producers like Sconza and Bear Essentials have included vitamin C as a constituent of the candies.

3. Available in various creepy shapes, Halloween candies are among the most favourite candies. It is not only the candies that are designed in the most interesting ways but also the papers they are wrapped in. There is however a myth associated with the Halloween candies that malicious people could camouflage poison, sharp objects and drugs in the candies as a part of a Halloween trick with an intention of harming young children and scaring people. M&Ms is the most favourite brand as far as Halloween candies are concerned.

4. Nostalgic Candies are basically from the yesteryears and the best ones available in the market. From Anabelle’s ‘Big Hunk’ and ‘Chick-O-Stick’ to ‘Oh Henry’ and Hershey’s ‘Wax Lips’, these classic candies will appease your sweet tooth like no other.

5. Novelty candies are candies reincarnated in the form of your favourite pop stars, real life and cartoon characters. The shapes are inclusive of everything from Hannah Montana, American Idol to Bubble Gum Cigars and SpongeBob Squarepants. Their shapes are excessively popular among the kids who find it immensely alluring.

Way to go candy lovers!
Sabung Ayam
Side-Chick Shows Up At Hospital To Check On Bae While Wifey Is There.

The L’s in 2017 just keep’s on coming nonstop. If ever your involved in an injury or accident and if your dating or married to someone; WHY would you let the hospital notify the side-piece your hurt!

The side chick saw her chance to make a power move for the crown with a high-value hospital visit and take what she felt was rightfully her’s.

Sabung Ayam