Easy Beer Can Chicken Recipe

What makes a great Beer Can Chicken recipe? I’m sure everyone has their own suggestions but here’s my recipe and secret hints that makes it the best around. Needless to say, beer can chicken is a pretty easy recipe. Just sit the chicken over an open can of beer, put it on the grill, and as the beer boils it infuses and cooks into the chicken keeping it moist and delicious. Take your other five beers and enjoy them while you tend the grill. Nothing could be simpler on a nice Sunday afternoon on the patio!

Nothing could simpler! But, we grilling fanatics just have to tinker with the recipe to make it even better! So, given my love of grilling and love for great beer, here’s a few of my own suggestions and hints for making what I think is the best beer can chicken around.

Hint #1: Be sure and use a beer you like to drink. Like cooking with wine, never use either beer or wine in a recipe that you don’t like to drink. The most popular beer is, of course, Bud or Bud Light. Nothing against good ‘ole Bud, but it just doesn’t have enough flavor for cooking. My favorite beer is a hefeweizen beer like a blue moon or Pyramid Hefeweizen. So, I simply use a Bud can (after drinking it of course) and fill it with my favorite beer. You just can’t find a lot of the Blue Moon or other Hefeweizen beers in cans.

RULE #1 always use good beer!

Hint #2: Soak the chicken in your favorite beer for 15-30 minutes before you put it on the grill. Yes, I know, it’s cutting into your beer stash to soak your bird in yet another can or bottle of beer. But it’s well worth it. I use a large gallon ziplock bag and only have to use one bottle of beer. Just get all the air out of the ziplock bag after you put the bird and beer in and you get maximum soaking with minimum beer wastage!

Hint #3: Soak the wood chips in beer instead of water. Yes, more beer! Now, I have to admit I don’t think this really does anything extra for flavor as I’ve done it with or without the beer soaked chips. But since this is BEER can chicken, I guess the idea is use beer anywhere possible on this bird!

Cooking Time & Temperature: We will be cooking HOT, about 375F to 400F. (sometimes my grill gets hotter than that but I end up settling down around the 375 mark.

What about a good beer can stand? Well, the popularity of beer can chicken on the grill or cooked in the oven has spawned dozens if not hundreds of simple to complex and elegant beer can cooking stands. From your simple wire frame stand to elaborate non-stick surface and double chicken stands, you can find a fantastic selection to meet your needs.

Now for the final Steps!

Prep the Chicken for Grilling:

1.) Rinse the chicken and remove giblets etc. Rinse inside and out. I like my chicken really clean before I grill it.

2.) Bag the chicken in a ziplock bag and marinate the chicken in one bottle of good beer.

3.) Be sure it’s fully thawed. In a rush I’ve quick thawed a chicken before and put it on the grill to find out later that the outside is over done but the very center is still cold and blood red. Not good!

4) Coat the meat with your favorite BBQ spice rub. Inside and out! With a whole chicken, I make sure and coat the outside well AND coat the inside so you get as much flavor of the spice into the meat as possible. My personal favorite happens to be a Sweet Mesquite Seasoning that I buy at the local Costco store which I’ve not duplicated with a recipe of my own yet. It has what I’d call a sweet southwest flavor. Here are a few spice rub recipes you can try or take a look at our wide selection of BBQ dry rub recipes.
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