Easy Chicken Coop Plans Help

Breeding chickens in your backyard is an stimulating as well as unique activity, as many other people have realized what a massive way of saving money this is.

The first thing you need to do to set up for the chickens is to get a coop for them, or make your own using the easy chicken coop plans available. These are wooden structures that will protect your chickens from predators and harsh climates, hence allowing them to feel safe and comfortable. Since buying a pre-built coop is very expensive, the better option is building one on your own. This will cost you almost half the amount and it will be an enjoyable activity as well. Moreover, you will be able to involve yourself in the design process, and add little things which will personalize your coop, making it absolutely perfect for you and your chickens.

When seeking the perfect easy chicken coop plans, you must take a few elements into consideration. Firstly, you must determine the amount of chickens you will maintain. A small amount is advisable for a starter, which will need a small sized or even portable coop, and then later you can increase the number and eventually upgrade to a larger coop once you have gained some experience. The vantages of making portable coops are unlimited as they offer a lot of possibilities.

They are easy to build; they cost much less and then can be moved around and placed wherever you please. Six to eight birds will need a medium sized coop and over ten birds will need a proper large chicken coop along with a chicken run.

This decision also depends on the amount of money you are willing to invest. If you want to keep this investment small initially, then you should get a small number of chickens along with a small coop. If you have over 300 dollars, then you can also get a medium sized or large coop along with a run as well. Therefore, when looking for the perfect easy chicken coop plans, keep these elements in mind, and you will have your own chicken coop with no trouble at all.

The plan you choose must be easily understandable by you, so go through it properly before you decide to begin construction. Also, buy all the materials beforehand so that you dont have to make double visits to the home improvement shop. Once you have the plan, you are ready to build your own coop, just remember to give each chicken a minimum of 4 square feet of space!
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