Easy delivery, eBay Shipping!

To  build  buyer’s  confidence  and  boost  ebay shipping Detailed  Seller  Ratings (DSRs),  certain tips must be followed.

Accurate  eBay shipping charges,  secure  packing  of the  item  and  eBay shipping in  the  given  timeframe  are  key  essentials  to  gain  reputation  as  trusted  seller.
Always use eBay shipping calculator.  This provides real time eBay shipping costs to the buyers. Also, listings  included  in  shipping  calculator  are  likely  to  be  sold.
Always select flat rate shipping. This ensures to enter the flat costs for international and U.S. shipping.
Offer eBay shipping discounts on multiple items purchase. This will boost additional sales.
Offer promotions to customers about your other products. Also, in eBay shipping,  this  is  another  spectacular  way  of  boosting  up  your  sales.
eBay shipping in  less  time  will  encourage  buyers  to  purchase  from  you.  Always consider to ship in one business day.
In  eBay shipping,  always  give  the  exact  date  of  the  arrival  of  the  item.  This will boost the buyer’s confidence.
Always consider lowering shipment costs for eBay shipping to attract more buyers.
Care should be taken during packing the item.
Proper  care  taken  for  reducing  the  shipment  accidents  and  damage  will  enhance  the  buyer  and  seller  relationship.

All these tips will ensure best results for the seller in ebay shipping. Always take care to ship the items without any damage.  This will gain the trust of the buyer. The tips for safety of items during shipment are:

Measure  and  evaluate  the  item  for  storage  box  and  packing  material.
Choose  a  box  which  is  slightly  larger  than  the  item.  There  should  be  enough  room  for  packing  material  and  packing  slip.
Pack  the  item  carefully  with  bubble  wrap,  peanuts,  foam  and  paper.
The item should not rattle around in the box.  Care should be taken to avoid transit damage.
The packed item with all packing material should be weighed.
Box  should  be  sealed  with  a  reinforced  packing  tape  or  with  paper  tape  which  is  at least  2 inches  wide.
Do  not  use  masking  tape, cellophane  tape  and  string  during  sealing  the  box.
Tape the opening of the box and reinforce all seams.

Pay  eBay shipping services  and  print  shipping  labels  online  right  from  the  desktop  at  eBay shipping services.  Simply  pay  for  the  postage  with  PayPal  account  and  print  the  labels  to  the  standard  and  label  printer. Once  the  label  is  on  the  package,  a  carrier  pick  up  can  be  arranged. Once the item is shipped, shipment tracking is enabled on eBay shipping.  This  will  ensure  that  the  buyers  are  in  track  with  their  shipment.  eBay shipping is  making  shipment  tracking  and  delivery  confirmation  more  accessible  and  visible  by  enhancing  the  add/edit  tracking  numbers  page,  adding  support  for  more  eBay shipping carriers,  and  sharing  shipping  tracking  and  delivery  conformation  information  on  more  places  on  the  site.

Benefits of tracking the package

When  tracking  is  provided  and  delivery  date  is  confirmed  the  buyers  will  have  more  confidence  in  the  seller.
This will increase the number of buyers.
Delivery  of  the  item  is  easily  identified  by  tracking  ensuring  the  peace  of  mind.

These  tips  will  ensure  more  sales  and  enhance  customer  satisfaction  during  eBay shipping.