Easy Tricks to Fight Acne

Most of us have had at least one person telling us to wash our faces since we were born. If you are like most of your friends, you don’t really care about washing your face every day–in fact, doing so feels like a chore! When all you want to do is go to sleep, washing your face is a huge pain in the…you know what–even if you can still remember your puberty years like they just finished happening. The problem is that, in order to keep your pores free of dirt, bacteria and other debris, you need to wash your face regularly. Do you still want to be prone to breakouts in your thirties and onward? Here is what you need to do to keep your pores free and clear.

Take it easy on your face when you wash it. Don’t scrub! Acne has an easier time settling into a face that has recently been scrubbed! Scrubbing might feel good initially but it actually does quite a lot of harm to the very sensitive skin on your face! Do you really want to have a face full of scars from scrubbing? You need to have a firm but gentle touch when you wash your face. Don’t stress out, this is something everyone can learn! After you wash your face take a look at it–if it is bright red then you used too much pressure. A flushed face is okay as long as it is not bright red. A little bit of a glow is healthy but resembling a stop sign is not. If you wear makeup regularly try switching brands to something lighter or simply wearing less of it each day. Many bases/foundations are now enhanced with sunscreen which means that you do not need to apply both products. There is even healthy makeup now that has been infused with different vitamins and minerals that are good for your skin. Do not run for the cheapest makeup available. Wear your makeup lightly. You want to wear very little to no makeup. It is still possible to look great even though you aren’t wearing dozens of layers of product! Another important tip: make sure your makeup gets removed completely before you go to bed at night. Acne breakouts almost always follow a night spent sleeping in your makeup.

When acne does appear, keep both of your hands off of it! Do not squeeze pimples or pick at zits. Leaving your acne alone is always the best idea. You are still allowed to wash your face and treat your breakout with some acne fighters but do not pick at your face or try to pop any of the pimples. Yes they will take a few days to heal naturally. What would you rather deal with? A few days with a pimple or years and years of acne scars?

There are lots of options for treating acne. The range of acne treating options ranges from the totally natural to the harshly chemical. Believe it or not there are even some people who are able to cure their acne with diet and exercise. Finding the ultimate cure for your acne is a trial and error process. Eventually you will learn what works for you and what won’t. Just keep at it and soon you will be able to enjoy having clean skin!


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