Eat Healthy, Be Healthy And Stay Healthy!

The type of food we take in our regular meals plays an important role in our daily life. You may think that taking food is what it matters. But it is not so. Food that is full of all the essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals are to be included in our daily diet. These types of foods are recommended even by the doctors. There are different varieties of food items that are very tasty, delicious and good for health.

Food habits of people vary from person to person. Some like to take food that are purely vegetarian and some like to eat food that are prepared with chicken, fish and mutton and other such animal products. Most of the people who prefer to eat non vegetarian food like to eat items prepared with chicken. Items prepared using chicken as the main ingredient like chicken burger chicken Manchurian and all other such type of foods are very popular. If you take any hotels be it a small one or a big one the menu card showed to you consists of items that are mostly of chicken along with other food.

Such is the popularity of chicken in our country. Not only in hotels and restaurants you also can prepare tasty items with chicken. There are many popular recipes with chicken as the main ingredient such as easy chicken liver pate recipes, chicken stew, chili chicken almost all the recipes are easy to prepare and are quite good for health.

Chicken is a great source of lean, low fat protein food. It helps in making our muscles strong and also is very good for overall development of a healthy life. Chicken taken in any form may be as a chicken burger or a tandoori item it can be consumed in any form and is quite healthy and also nutritious. It is one of the food items that is preferred by people of almost all ages. People show more interest in trying out various recipes related to chicken. The most popular recipes are recipes related to fried items, curry items and easy chicken liver pate recipes.

While eating chicken is healthy buying the chicken itself can be a task. Chickens that are raised in a healthy and traditional environment without using any kind of medicines are quite healthy to eat. But now some of the people who are in the business of selling chicken are following some unconventional methods such as using antibiotics other type of procedures to make them grow up faster and look healthier. Eating foods that are prepared using these types of chickens may be not be good for health and should be avoided at all costs. Health is very important to us. So we should be very careful in deciding what we eat. Carefully prepared food in hygienic conditions is always a best choice. Avoid junk foods and take foods that are prepared at home. You are the one who is responsible to take care of your health. Taking a balanced diet not only gives you energy and nutrition but also helps you in increasing your metabolism rate. There are many benefits in taking a balanced diet. If not you are taking a balanced diet till now then start right away for there are many health benefits.
Sabung Ayam
LAI Luncheon: May 2, 2017
LAI MAY LUNCHEON Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017   12:00 – 1:30 PMThe University Club750 B Street, San Diego, CA 92101 Menu: U Club salad, Free Range Chicken, Creme Brulee / Veggie: Grilled Cauliflower Steak Topis: Beyond Aspiration: Implementing TOD in San Diego Join Councilmember Scott Sherman and Colin Parent for a discussion about the future of transit oriented development in San Diego. Learn more about Circulate San Diego’s Transit Oriented Development Report and its research from best practices throughout the nation for how new development near transit can help promote economic development, affordability, and greenhouse gas reductions. Hear how this report has already begun making an impact with policymakers at the City of San Diego. Engage in a dialogue with Councilmember Sherman on the Smart Growth and Land Use Committee Work Plan, including city-wide development incentives, strategies for increasing housing supply, and ideas for reforming Community Planning Group. Momentum is building . . . join the conversation and help move TOD beyond aspiration to implementation. ______________________________________________ Please RSVP by Thursday, April 27, 2017, using the link or simply send me an email and I can manually register you, or just call me anytime!*Please Note: You do not need to print out a ticket from Eventbrite – if you registered or sent me a note, you are on the list*   Retired Members ($38) and Guests ($48), please RSVP at the registration link above or let me know you plan on attending. mail in a check or pay at the door:  LAI San Diego  P.O. Box # 17896 San Diego, CA [email protected]