eBook Reader Comparison’s Advantages

Everyone’s quest for a perfect Christmas present this year has already come to an end. Notably, one of the best things that will undoubtedly bring huge happiness to your recipient is that state-of-the-art product by Amazon, the Kindle 2. This Electronic Book Reader is the second updated version of the first device that is preloaded with various specifications and additional features.

In general, this item has a measurement of 8 x 5.3 x 0.4 inches and a weight of only 10.2 ounces. This apparatus is much better than the old version since it offers up to seven times more storage capability than the other. As a result, it enables you to save thousands of your most-loved books, magazines, newspapers, blogs and other reading materials. It is very much attractive to book lovers who travel a lot since it allows them to continue reading even if they are on a trip without carrying those heavy printed books.

The device also offers 25% more battery life. Moreover, it is capable of wirelessly downloading your desired reading materials within just a few seconds only. Moreover, it has an advanced E-Ink display and a built-in dictionary. It also enables you to subscribe to magazines, newspapers and blogs easily and quickly for such a very low price.

This device makes it possible for you to easily and quickly connect to other wireless reading devices through its use of Whispersync technology. It is also constructed with the new five-way controller and a much better screen display with 16-shades of gray. Distinct from the first model, this unit has 20% quicker page-turning ability which solves the problem of the first model.

There is nothing that you cannot do with this gadget. It has text-to-speech feature that allows you to do other things while listening to it as it reads the texts out loud for you. This is also very expedient for book lovers especially those who are fond of collecting best sellers and new releases. Best of all, you can do all these things in just split seconds.

Amazon’s Kindle Wireless Reading Device is now well-known to most people everywhere. This product has totally modified the reading experience of both regular and non-regular readers. Now, people do not have to be burdened by carrying all those heavy paperback books anymore. One more thing, this device is environment-friendly because it does not use papers and therefore lessens the cutting down of trees.