eCommerce Website Design- Important Tips for eCommerce Website Design & Product Page Design

The main purpose of having an ecommerce website is to attract users and visitors to make a purchase. So for you to do that you need to have your eCommerce Website Design in such a way that the visitors are directed towards the product page and are convinced to make a purchase. In this scenario the importance of the design of the product page is primary and it should be built with keeping the following things in mind.



The simplicity in eCommerce Website Design is very important. Most of the merchants spend a lot of money in designing and creating the right website and so to make the sales get carried away and fill the product pages with a number of items. But this can be confusing and divert the concentration of the users from the main product. So make sure that your product page is simple and displays one product at a time so that the motive and the choice are clear. You can have the variants of the same product on the category page having separate links to each product. This gives better clarity and thus helps the customers to make a clear purchase.


Rich in Information:

Your product page should display all the necessary information that a user might find extremely useful while making a purchase. In most of the cases where the sale is a fail, there is a lack of useful information that the users would like to have before they actually shell out their cash. But don’t get carried away and display more than required information, which might have an adverse effect on buying. Have the information layered properly, categorized and linked to another page or a pop up window so that the users can read what they want and you have the option of providing all that is necessary. This kind of eCommerce Website Design works well for you.


Expert Opinions and Reviews:

This is another option that helps boosting the sales. Having someone saying all the good things about the product you want to buy can help you further your decision. But make sure you use authentic information and not just make reviews to be put on the product page. You can use custom ecommerce design options to give it your own look and feel and have the reviews and opinions linked to the real source so that there is nothing fake looking.


Apart from these there are certain other points as well that you can keep in mind while going for eCommerce Website Design for your product page.


Such as:

It should have a descriptive title, and if possible a photo
It should provide all the necessary information required
It provides information about product availability and, delivery time
It should show your site’s guarantee policy and manufacturer’s warranty
And a prominently displayed ‘Buy’ button


So if you can take care of all of these points while you go for eCommerce website design then you can boost up your sales considerably and make a great customer network.