Eczema on Your Face – 2 Things I Did to Get Rid of It

Living with eczema on your face can be one of the most traumatic moments in your life. And dealing with all that comes with it is not any fun at all. Its painful, embarrassing and it effects the way you go about doing things in your life. Believe me I know. I was one of those that suffered from eczema. But I learned how to combat my situation.

I was called all kind of names in the book, and getting all the strange looks while walking down the street. And don’t forget about the scratching and itching, redness, dryness which all comes with eczema as you know. Having this eczema on your face could be keeping you stuck inside your home, and shut in from the outside world which is what happened to me. I would eat what I had at home and hardly ever went to the store. This was the turning point in my battle with eczema.

After I ate all the cookies, cakes, sweets and so on, I was left with a lot of things I did not like at all in the fridge. And these things may shock you. It did me. But they did the trick.

Those things were raw fruits as one, and vegetables as two. That’s right. One day I was hungry grabbed an apple. Ok I’m not leaving the house yet so I’ll eat this plum. Then it was a pear, another apple,

A peach and it wasn’t bad. Then I figured maybe I’ll make a salad with these greens since I’ve gone this far. I needed to start eating better anyway.

So after a few weeks of eating fresh fruit and vegetables I notice a change in the eczema on my face. It wasn’t as prevalent as it has been. Another week past by, and I’m wondering is my eczema healing? I guess all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables cause my skin to rejuvenate, hydrate and heal itself. So I haven’t totally kept to this way of eating after my eczema healed. But I eat a lot of this kind of food than I use to. I even eat cooked vegetables as well.

I’ve learned more about certain foods and drinks that trigger my eczema.