Edirol R09hr – 3 Things To Know Before Buying Online

Looking for an Edirol R09 HR on sale? You are not the only one, these portable digital recorders are in demand by musicians, educators and news reporters.

Why is the Edirol R09HR so popular?

There’s nothing worse than finding out that the recording you just made on that “one time only” recording is sub par. Not much better than you would get with an old hand held tape recorder or even most mp3 recorders of today.

I’ve found the Edirol portable always delivers excellent recording with a relatively painless learning curve in the beginning. There are lower price units that are easy to find that appear to have the same features. You can read technical specs all day long on different units but I usually find by reading reviews you get the real scoop and that’s just what I’ve done.

3 Selling Points You Should Know About…

Here are 3 major points that I see coming up again and again about the Edirol.

1. Batteries last a long time compared to other units. This is so important especially when you are in the field or places that don’t have electricity conveniently located to where you are recording. Also for a lot of playback this is a very important feature.

2. Another thing to think about is this: How sturdy and secure are the operating buttons and switches? Well built buttons and switches will be found on the better units such as the Edirol portable recorder R09. We all know that the cheaper unit switches will begin to break or be intermittent after awhile.

3. Critical point 3 is the battery doors. Cheaper portable digital recorders battery doors kinda close thus compromising your recorder especially at times when you need the recording done right the first time. Not so on this Edirol model.

So where can you get a good deal on an Roland/Edirol R09 recorder?

There are several places online for an OK deal but there are other factors that really make it an easy decision once you know where to look. SABUNG AYAM
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