eDiscovery Solution for Email Archiving

Sonasoft provides a comprehensive email archivingsolution coupled with features to enable and enhance ediscovery. Sonasoft’s archive solution provides simplified storage and quick, easy access to historical data. Data is stored efficiently on servers and can be accessed at any time. Sonasoft’s email archiving softwareproduct has the ability to archive, search and retrieve emails quickly and accurately.

With Sonasoft, enterprises have the ability to search historical emails based on a number of criteria including sender, recipient, date, key words or strings and attachments. With Sonasoft’s query builder tool, users can define a query in any desired way including the use of Boolean operators to narrow their search and to quickly get search results.

Sonasoft provides several security mechanisms to ensure the integrity of stored electronic data with tamper proof mechanisms. The archived information is compressed and encrypted and assigned digital signatures. There are rules defined for roles based access so that specific users have permissions to access the data that they are authorized for. In the event of multiple litigation cases, searched emails can be assigned to different legal case files in parallel. People can put notes in the case files with no limitations on the number of case files supported. The emails continue to be stored in case specific folders until the case is closed.

Multiple case tracking means that the people involved with the case and the emails associated with the case are easily identifiable.

Ediscovery can also be used to monitor emails to determine compliance to company policies. As a security measure and compliance with legal and statutory requirements, generally, an organization imposes certain restrictions on internal and external email communication to control the information shared. The Sonasoft email archiving solutionprovides options for efficient checking of archived emails for compliance with the rules specified by the company.

An alert is sent out when emails contain inappropriate keywords or text. These emails are then flagged and the Sonasoft solution provides a screen to review those emails to check for compliancy. Reviewers can enter comments, accept, change status or even escalate for further review. For example, in the case of internal communications, you can set a policy to flag all the emails sent by the human resources group which has sensitive data such as salary or other remuneration to people who are not supposed to receive the information. In case of external communications, you can set a policy to flag the emails sent by software designers or architects to personal email IDs on other email servers such as Google and Yahoo or others in competing companies.

Sonasoft provides detailed audit reports that track a variety of metrics such


– Search requests

– Email statistics reports (inbound and outbound)

– Tampered message reports

– Reports for attachment types

– Data leakage

– Configuration management audit trails

– Reports for archived emails

These reports assist enterprises in tracking any activity surrounding access

to stored data.