Educate yourself on the causes of spina bifida

Spina bifida is a defect that takes place at the time of birth. It is a condition when the bones that house the spinal cord do not undergo proper development. This affects the normal look of the skin at the back. Babies born with this severe disorder usually have either a path of hair or a birthmark or a dimple at the affected area. There are mild cases as well severe cases of this ailment. However, the possible causes of the same are given below:

– Hereditary reasons: Spina bifida can well be in your genes. If any of your family members has this disorder, it might affect children as well. Sometimes, mothers give birth to children who are similarly affected. This may affect her future births as well, as her other children might well enter the world with this defect.

– Diabetes: Mothers who are suffering from diabetes have greater chances of giving birth to children with spinal bifida. The excess glucose in the body is believed to cause disturbance in the proper development of the child. That is why mothers who have developed gestational diabetes are advised to exercise and avoid sweets and fatty foods throughout this time.

– Obesity: This can be a potent and dangerous cause for this ailment. Obese mothers having a body mass index of 30 and above are more likely to give birth to children with spina bifida. Such individuals are therefore strictly advised to bring their weight down before getting pregnant.

– Lack of folic acid during pregnancy: Mothers, who have not had enough folic acid during this period, are most susceptible. Their children remain at high risk of being affected by this disorder. Doctors prescribe folic acid supplements which they are supposed to take during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Apart from this, other preventative methods comprise an effective diet routine. This shields new born babies and provides essential folic acid to mothers. This diet should contain broccoli, asparagus, brown rice, breakfast cereals, Brussels sprouts and chick peas and other foods high in folate.

– Medicines: There are some medicines like valproate, lamotrigine and carbamazepine that are known to be the causes of spina bifida. These drugs are usually prescribed to treat bipolar disorder, mood disorder and epilepsy. Did you know Valproate sparks this ailment in only two out of a hundred patients? The figures for the other medicines are not known yet however they present a tangible risk element. Women who are taking these medicines are advised to use protection for proper conception in future. Consulting physicians will not go amiss as well.

These clearly show us that the causes of spina bifida lie mainly with mothers during the sensitive time of pregnancy. Conception should be carried out smoothly. Better awareness is also required. Many people remain unaware of their dilemma even after being affected. This may often be in a mild form. However, this necessitates proper care and caution. With the best dose of these two elements, fighting this disorder is quite possible!
Sabung Ayam
Dear Chick-Fil-A (Because I’m a Homosexual) – Lesbian Duo BriaAndChrissy

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Song by Bria Kam, Performed by Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers Chrissy IMDB Bria ITUNES


Verse: I like your salty taste, I like your waffle shape how they fill my face. I like the way you make a great Chick-Fil-A sandwich on my plate

Pre: Crispy fries oh my eyes, gotta love those brownie bites, oh right such a delight gotta make those nuggets mine. Every day I crave you more I’m such a chicken biscuit whore. Need to quench my thirst with a lemonade burst. But we can’t have it anymore x3

Chorus: Because We’re H-to the O- to the M- to the Homosexual.
H-to the O- to the M- to the Homosexual.
They hate those sexuals YEAH!

Verse: I used to picture us married with little buns in the over, with spicy chicken sandwiches. Now I’m left here craving your chicken strips on my carnivore lips.

Pre: Now I’ll rap dreaming that I’ll taste you spicy chicken wraps. I wont pay a penny to get my chicken minis. Hash brown are you down egg and chicken biscuit now. Don’t make me say cheese, or please. But we can’t have it anymore x3

Chorus: Because We’re H-to the O- to the M- to the Homosexual.
H-to the O- to the M- to the Homosexual.
They hate those sexuals YEAH!

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