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From the beginning to now, presented to the Abolishing of bad news seems to always, as Zhejiang Stationery Co., Ltd., executive director of the Great Sage, the industry’s predicament has given her a lot of food for thought and anxiety: raw material prices, RMB appreciation, labor costs, the export tax rebate rate down … …

Poor are changed, change to solution. “I think, Yiwu toy industry is to change the time, labor-intensive has come to a small alley, we should make an issue of the value-added products.”

Technological innovation, the source for enterprise development
Technological innovation is the source for enterprise development, is the tool for enterprises to participate in market competition. Has technical advantages will enable enterprises in market competition invincible.

“In July of this year, our company engaged in the famous ‘puzzle king’ Yang Qingbin teacher as our business consultant, the main push Educational Toys Research and development. “It Abolishing of introduction, Yang Qingbin Taiwan Educational Toys Industry veteran, in his early years in the United States to work on innovation and development of educational toys at home and abroad have a deep foundation.

Has been very focused Toy Story technological innovation. As early as 2001, the “Story” to set up R & D, from only 2 individuals in 2002, gradually developed to now has 17 research and development team, along the way, no hard words. “This hire Young teachers, we also have great expectations of hope under the leadership of the teachers Yang, Story toys can enhance independent innovation capability, at a higher platform to participate in market competition.”

At the same time, the figure of toys also actively carried out with the university Cooperation And with Zhejiang University to establish a long-term relations of cooperation.

Culture, deep plowing, the nation is the world
Toys can be repeated, but the culture is unique, as ” Barbie Doll “Rooted in American culture, children are well sought after around the world.

“Ancient Chinese culture, if implanted in the culture of our products, you can add value to their products so that products glow lasting vitality.” Abolishing said, “Great Sage” on how to implant product, cultural useful to explore the issue.

From the beginning of 2006, “Story” a year and a half with the development of “smart lighting” This new toy puzzle. “This toy into some of our unique culture of China can play in the process of children and foster their thrifty habits and overall ability to grasp.” In 2007, the Shanghai Toy Fair, with unique cultural connotations “lit wisdom” was a toy record “Star” design contest?? boy toy silver, and thus obtained a national patent.

Present, Abolishing are considered China’s “Character Primer,” “Students” and other traditional Chinese culture into which toy inventions.

Self marketing network Striving to become the domestic leader in educational toys
Exported, profitable, and have traders on behalf of paving; domestic sales, and profits are high, but also had trouble setting up marketing network.

“After comprehensive consideration, we have chosen to specialize in the domestic market. At that time, everyone laughed our ‘silly’.” Abolishing said, for profit considerations, the vast majority of Yiwu Toy Company Choose to do foreign trade. “I think China is the world’s most populous country, if we can do the domestic market, it has been a very remarkable achievement was.”

Since 2002, after seven years of hard, “Story” of independent marketing network showing shape. Currently, the figure of toys in the country has 1009 KA (KeyAccount) supermarkets, more than 2,500 local small stores, in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have more than 120 sales staff across the country established an extensive sales network and deep connections to foundation. SABUNG AYAM