Effective Acne Remedies – Why You Should Get To Know Them

As a mother of a teenager, I have to make full efforts to pull out the best acne remedies for my daughters acnes. I have researched some natural ways before getting into the over-the-counter products. As a mother, I have to make sure that whatever substance that will be put on my daughters face, it should be safe and effective.

However, a few years ago, a friend of mine tried some products to put on her daughters face. It was just a recommendation handed over from one person to another without verifying it through research or from a medical specialist. She bought the medicine and as instructed, applied to her daughters face on the specified number of sessions. In a weeks time, she saw progress. But later, red spots had spurted out and these worsen her daughters acne. Instead of solving the problem, it became even worse.

According to research, acne remedies natural or not react differently on a persons face. I consulted a dermatologist for my daughters acne and found out that there are actually different kinds of acne, which we should be informed of, so that we can get the right remedy for it. We all know that acne is due to the blockage of follicles or pores and this oil secreted from the sebaceous gland, which cannot go out tend to accumulate under the pores. And this causes acne to spread out all over your skin.

There are several acne solutions that have handed down through generations. And its effects may totally vary, though there are no known serious side effects from it.

Among a few minor side effects is redness and itchiness but these wont last for a day. If it does, then, youll need to stop in using it. The basic acne remedies, I know, are milk and honey. These are very helpful agents to cleanse your pores and prevent acne from spreading on your face. Aside from these two, you can explore in using carrots, cucumbers, aloe vera extracts, oatmeal, lime juice, eggs and coconut milk. These natural remedies are simple home products. In fact, you can start with these as first aid acne remedies. In addition, on the first onset of acne, you can put some ice cube on it to reduce the inflammation.

Based on my experience, it is much safer to research first before you put anything on your face. Acne remedies are hot searches on the internet, so it is not that hard to check on a variety of sources. Safety and efficiency are two important things to consider for treating your skin. As a mother, I dont want daughters self-esteem to lower down, especially in the most exciting stage of life being a teenager.