eFoods Global Business Overview

eFoods Global is a company built around the idea that food is the most valuable commodity on the planet.  It is that basic understanding that fuels every aspect of the company’s business.

eFoods Global has made it their mission to provide high quality meals that can be utilized in both good times and bad times.  The company has been providing solutions to help others “serve, save and plant” food products for nearly 30 years.  The company has focused heavily on food provisions for difficult times such as economic downturns, famine and drought.  With this in mind, they have developed their pre-packaged meals with a storage life of 25 years.  Meal selections include breakfast offerings, breads, soups and entrees.  The Essentials Food Back offers 388 complete servings of food at less than $ .91 per serving.

The company is led by a highly tenured management team.  Their experience in the network marketing industry lends great strength to the overall stability and vision of the company.  Additionally, this management team brings a high degree of expertise in each of their individual fields of oversight to the management table.

The concept of teaching people to feed themselves has led the eFoods Global to not only develop food solutions, but also to create a business opportunity that can be replicated.  The company operates under an IBO (Independent Business Owner) structure.  Each IBO pays a yearly fee of $ 29.97 that gives them access to a marketing website, the back office systems and secures their place in the Team Commission Structure.

The company’s pay plan utilizes a binary compensation structure.  This means that each IBO has 2 teams or “legs”, a right and left.   Once the IBO has placed their initial two referrals, all other referrals are then placed under others in their organizational downline.  This system allows for rapid growth and is meant to encourage new distributors, as the work of the overall team helps them build their individual business.  eFoods Global pays a 10% commission on the sales volume of the “weaker” leg.  This means that commissions are based on the leg with the lowest sales volume.  In addition to the standard commission structure there are coded bonuses that allow for greater earnings from IBOs who achieve Essential IBO.  In addition to financial compensation eFoods Global also offers weekly food credits as an incentive to their IBOs.

eFoods Global offers a unique product and aggressive business opportunity for the right individual.  This business seems ideally suited in places where having a readily accessible food supply available is critical.  This could include coastal areas affected by tropical storms, high snowfall areas and areas prone to excessive drought.   This business would also make sense for those who anticipate a rapid deterioration in the economy and societal structure within the United States.  This is alluded to in many of the marketing materials provided by the company.