Either it is meat of chicken, I am yes to both!

The non vegetarian food is no doubt very heavily nutritive and delicious, but still its intake is lesser in India as compared to foreign lands. Reason may be due to the caste or religion restriction in some cases or even the people belief towards it. However, still its usage is found to be quite high and is sold on the very large scale. The chicken packages that are being made and transported as well as distributed are also being done on the very larger scale. These packages are making the complete use of all the measures which are required to protect the chicken from getting affected due to any pollutant of air.

The chicken is mainly affected if it comes in contact with the air for very longer time and its protein content may decrease to negligible which is being avoided in the chicken packages. The people who are not able to take advantage of the chicken freshly cut from the market are making use of such packages and also trust its service. However, it is not only about the chicken but if any other product is also there then the packaging companies are making their complete efforts to make that thing viable for the consumers and thus they are trusting them in any matters.

The meat is also one of the non vegetarian dishes which is known for its high protein content and is also loved by most of the people around the globe. It is easily available but the fresh meat is not so easily available. The meat is getting spoiled if it is in contact with air for the very longer time and its color turns lighter, which is to be avoided. The meat bags that are available in the market are providing the fresh meat which is too heavy and huge which makes it very difficult for the common men to carry and transport. However, for this purpose the meat pouches were introduced which were of small size and compact and any men can transport it without any trouble. The meat pouches though small are not compromising in any way in the security of the meat which is packed inside. The security and safety measures are on top of the scale and thus people can make use of it without any sort of question in their mind. The meat is mainly kept in the cold storage before getting packed and also preferably under the nitrogen atmosphere which maintains its red color for the longer time.
Sabung Ayam
We Heart Astoria’s 2017 Best Of Astoria Bash
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