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HC Home Network News: March 26 Japanese, Chinese small home appliance trade fair in the Huang Pu Zhongshan International Exhibition Centre, It is understood that the current Chinese small home appliance trade fair exhibitors reached 436, the scene over two thousand registered buyers who expect the current flow of the Chinese people will be small household appliances Fair far ahead of two. The following is the content of the scene interview text shorthand

Reporter: Members Home Appliances Industry friends Hello everybody! Welcome to the third
China’s small household electrical appliances Fair
Live on site, the Fair is the home network by the HC, Sohu, China State Grid, People United Network broadcast. Next we have requested

Zhongshan City Heart Electric Co., Ltd.
Marketing Director Mr. He Chun for our exhibitors to talk about his current feelings. He always Hello, this is your first show with us several times, you feel the show before the show with What’s the difference?

Ho Chun: I am a third time to participate in the show held in HC, compared with the previous, first, the more professional and better organized. Second, the scale larger than ever before, bringing the quality of customers better than before.

Reporter: This exhibition, then you have to bring new products, new products with the past, what are the characteristics and advantages?

Ho Chun: This is mainly concentrated on
Electric pressure cooker Product development, new products will be in the next period of time the market.

Reporter: It should be said electric pressure cooker along with people of all ages, a growing market demand, the main push of your electric pressure cooker where the domestic, the local people on how this kind of product recognition?

Ho Chun: Our pressure cookers are basically covering most parts of the country, local consumers reflect the quality of our products more stable, more convenient to use.

Reporter: Last year, there is no economic crisis affect your company, you have not taken any measures to deal with economic crisis?

Ho Chun: last year Financial Crisis for both the home appliance industry has a certain influence, especially for some exporters. As for us, we are broadening our way through some channels to resolve the financial crisis and the problem of declining consumer purchase rate.

Reporter: appliances for the consumer market this year, do you think? What do you think the product is more consumer-alike?

Ho Chun: Today the whole economy is warming, this year’s kitchen and home appliances market, especially a product that would be more heat, and therefore, this year, including the kitchen industry

Small appliances Would be better. Reporter: So far interest in your products much more than the dealer? What you have on the dealer’s standard?

Ho Chun: We are distributors of the standard, first of all see if we have common ideas, because the decision of preparation ideas. So, we thought first of all to be consistent, then there is a certain network, like this powerful combination that we can do better this market.

Reporter: How can your company in 2010 planning?
Ho Chun: This year for the industry to do the front.

Reporter: I thank the General, to thank him for the total acceptance of our interview, please the majority of users continue to pay attention to our live, thank you! SABUNG AYAM