Electronic Cigarettes – The E-Cigarette In A Life And Death Struggle

The frequency of news articles about politicians who are mounting an attack for their city or state against the e cigarette are on the rise. The claim plays like a broken record that has been repeated over and over again to the media by opponents; that e-cigarettes are not approved by the FDA, we don’t know what’s in them and they are marketed to children. The facts are that tobacco cigarettes aren’t approved by the FDA either and are responsible for over 400,000 deaths in America each year.

Yet not one politician is bringing forth a bill that would ban the sale of cigarettes in their district.

With several years of history behind them, electronic cigarettes have caused no deaths and the FDA has not made public any adverse effects on humans. The contents common to e-cigarettes are on the FDA’s GRAS List, Generally Recognized As Safe by a consensus of scientific opinion. Several laboratory reports have been published on the safety of e-cigarettes but have been ignored by the politicians seeking to ban them. Despite all the negative claims, the opponents have been unable to substantiate any claim that e-cigarettes are being marketed to children or that they are a threat to the public health.

In a petition to the Food and Drug Administration by the American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP), has submitted the most comprehensive findings and recommendations regarding the reclassification of e cigarettes as an alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes.

According to the document, “E-cigarettes would be a major part of the proposed harm reduction initiative, because they appear to satisfy the nicotine addiction and the habituation to the cigarette-handling ritual more effectively than any other product now on the market. For many current smokers, e-cigarettes may be the only low risk nicotine delivery product acceptable as a substitute for conventional cigarettes. Cost and other considerations will limit the attractiveness of e-cigarettes to teens. Enforcement of FDA restrictions on marketing to minors and health education programming should enable us to secure health benefits e-cigarettes can offer without increasing initiation of nicotine use by teens.”

So why are e-cigarettes in the bull’s-eye of politicians when public health organizations are declaring them lifesavers? Either the politicians don’t understand the ramifications of the legislation they seek to pass or they have a total disregard for the health of the American people. Allowing cancer causing tobacco cigarettes to remain on the market while opposing and or banning e-cigarette sales as a viable alternative is the equivalent to Genocide. Smoking touches almost every family in this country. Playing political games with millions of lives will play out in the court of public opinion and surely unseat some shady politicians in November.

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