Electronic Document Software: E-forms

Experts estimate that nearly 80 percent of all business documents are forms and unfortunately, most of those forms are on paper. Paper forms are expensive and prevent process automation. In fact, paper forms can often lead to headaches, as they are often incomplete and hard to read, and they can be lost, damaged or held up on someone’s desk. Document management companies have a solution: E-Forms.

Their electronic document software can turn any paper form into an e-form and reduce error rates up to 90 percent. With e-forms, you can create a completely paperless process and use document automation to further speed processes.

With a quality electronic document software solution, you can:
– Replace incomplete and hard-to-read forms with easy-to-read e-forms
– Decrease processing time by eliminating the need to wait for or search for paper forms
– Reduce costs associated with creating, maintaining and storing paper forms

Quality electronic document software is a new breed of business accelerating solutions. Created by breathing intelligence into electronic and paper documents, this software is cognizant of its content, its environment and most importantly the rules that underlie your business.

The embedded intelligence in these supercharged documents provides a rich user experience while ensuring the accuracy of the information collected. The electronic document software knows the next step in the process, while allowing for human decision points and exception handling. It has the ability to initiate interactions with business systems as needed.

The result: smoother processing for both your customers and your staff, dramatically reduced costs, and complete visibility. It’s as if an Invisible Workforce has stepped in to support your business goals.

Furthermore, with the integration of advanced content technologies, this software provides insight and control across in-process activities and unstructured information. Having a better understanding of information and how people use that information enables real-time action and improved decision-making.

People. Information. Processes. Collectively, their interaction determines the level of success for your organization. And the initiation point of this interaction is often a form or document, a collection of information that then passes between people and systems. Electronic document software serves as an intelligent document element that captures information and navigates the process behind each form or document in a way that improves efficiency, manages complexity, allows for rapid change and enhances the customer experience. The elements that comprise this electronic document software’s platform are:

Paper Document Processing
Scan, recognize and automatically process the paper flowing through your business today

Data capture software automatically captures data from paper forms and documents, validates the data and passes it to enterprise systems, such as electronic document software and other ECM, ERP and CRM applications. Bringing all data online helps ensure data accuracy, reduces operating costs and accelerates business processes. The data capture software operates locally or remotely, leveraging Web-based connectivity to transmit data from paper to remote applications or systems.

Electronic Forms
Rapidly migrate to a rich online e-forms experience that your customer and staff will love

Electronic document software’s e-form provides the complete infrastructure needed to put form and document processes online, connecting forms with database, ERP, accounting and back-office applications. Through the distribution and automation of organizational forms-including expense reports, purchase orders, and time-off requests-you will significantly increase worker productivity. This software is a complete interactive business solution that leverages open standards.

Business Process Management
Embed your business knowledge directly into your forms to automate workflow

Electronic document software offers powerful business process management (BPM) that integrates information, process and people in an adaptive, rapidly deployed environment. This software encompasses the entire BPM lifecycle from design and simulation to deployment and optimization. However it goes well beyond traditional BPM.

This software embeds intelligence within forms enabling them to securely navigate the process between people and systems, offering visibility into each step of the process and a complete audit trail. Integration of leading information retrieval technology makes quality software the only BPM solution with real-time access to information in process.

Contact your local document management company for more information about their electronic document software. SABUNG AYAM