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Elegance, class, status, and lifestyle! The sudden whisper of the word Louis Philippe brings to fore these four unique features. The majestic and opulent brand unfolds a wide variety of shirts, trousers, jeans, jackets, blazers and suits in the form of formals, semi-formals, knits, custom-made apparel and accessories. Today, Louis Philippe’s exclusive range has emerged as a brand leader in formal and quasi-formal categories.

Different offerings of Louis Philippe have set their own respective USPs due to their unique features. While Louis Philippe shirts and Louis Philippe trousers have become synonymous to ‘elegance’, the Louis Philippe Suits and Louis Philippe Blazers have earned distinguished distinction due to its classy yet trendy touch. Louis Philippe Jeans in solid, patterned and textured pattern give you the best option for weekend parties. Similarly, Louis Philippe T-shirts give more style options to youngsters with its casual and leisure wear.

What adds an indisputable premium image to the brand is the Franco-Italian lineage. This factor has made Louis Philippe a brand leader under different categories. Available on Trendin.com, the brand has been a hit due to its unique designs inspired by the latest European fashion trends.

Recently, Louis Philippe expanded its offering with the launch of its sub-brand, LP by Louis Philippe. Aiming at young achievers and upscale urbanites, it brings the style mantra for today’s generation. The LP line has an exciting range of shirts, trousers, T-shirts, suits, jackets and accessories to put together a youthful wardrobe. This brand is crafted with passion, and has a fine eye for detail. The collection has been designed by Thinc Tank New York, a group of ace designers from New York, and the Design laboratory at Bangalore.
With two trendy fits in shirts and denims, four styles in trousers and three in suits and jackets, the LP range provides ample options for customizing a wardrobe according to individual preferences. The LP range adds style, attitude and panache to formals. These products also set the tone for an all-occasion LP wardrobe and could be the trendsetter for cool and stylishly spirited confident youngster.


Luxure is yet another Louis Philippe brand bringing secret, style and sartorial elegance to suits, shirts, cufflinks, silk ties and other style accessories. Each Luxure creation is crafted with the finest, rare and exclusive fabrics, with impeccable detailing. It combines tradition with contemporary style, making it one of the most trustable brands across the world.

With Luxure, you can gain access to exquisite apparel and delicate aesthetics. Luxure is the sartorial tribute to the aficionado influenced by the Art Nouveau movement. Each piece of attire with the Luxure tag is a promise of sophistication and elegance.

Alongside delectable Louis Philippe suits and Louis Philippe shirts, the collection includes precious cufflinks, exquisite silk ties and other style accessories. It also offers made-to-measure tailoring services in selected stores across the country.

Each garment in this line brings an evocative example of elan. The range with its subtle design nuances can delight you and allow you to discover something new every day.
Shirts have fine embroidery on inner sleeve plackets while trousers have a special tape on the inner waistband which is tucked under the trim fabric, suits and jackets. The center sleeve button is stitched with thread of the brand color to make a subtle statement — the range exudes elan, style and success.

Since its inception, Louis Philippe has been branded globally as the purveyor of fine clothing for the discerning gentleman. Addressing the needs of the style-conscious contemporary male, the brand transcended boundaries and forayed into Indian markets, offering elegant ensembles for the new Indian man.

The credit of bringing this international brand to India goes to Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. After consolidating its market leadership with its own brands, it introduced premier international labels such as Louis Philippe, enabling Indian consumers to buy the most prestigious global fashion wear and accessories within the country.

Today, owing to its strenuous efforts, Louis Philippe shirts and trousers have carved a niche among the style-conscious class. Similarly, Louis Philippe Blazers and Suits have become the mark of a quintessential gentleman’s fashion. The brand, due to its different style and designs, defines the ethos of excellence, going beyond boundaries and exceeding its own parameters, to become better than the best brand.
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