Eleventh Five Year Plan Highlights The Development Of E-commerce Interpretation – E-commerce,

“Planning” for the first time clear E-commerce Be Network Of new economic activities, namely Internet-based, Radio and TV Network and Telecommunications Internet and other electronic information networks of production, circulation and Consumption Activities, not just a new Internet-based way of trade or circulation. E-commerce covers a variety of economic entities within and between the main economic activities, information technology, reflects the fundamental characteristics of network applications, that is a high degree of sharing of information resources, social behavior caused by a high degree of coordination of economic activities with high efficiency and high performance.

Highlights 1 Electronics Business Services Refining industry

“Planning” for the first time put forward the strategic task of developing e-commerce services. “Planning” is defined as e-commerce services, network-based transaction services, business outsourcing and information technology outsourcing services. Trading services which include Web-based Purchase Sales and related certification, payment, credit and other services; business outsourcing services, including Web-based product design, manufacturing, business Management And other outsourcing services; information technology outsourcing services include network-based equipment rental, data hosting, information processing, applications, Technical Advisory And other outsourcing services.

“Plan” clearly put forward the construction of public e-services Project , Through the national leading Investment To promote the platform to third-party services to mainstream e-commerce services business state formation and development, nurturing new growth point of national economic development. The first is to encourage large-scale backbone enterprise information services stripped from the mother to gradually form an industry e-business professional services; the second is to guide all types of enterprises active in service outsourcing, based on promoting the telecom operators, Software Transformation of enterprises and system integrators to develop new services and expand service areas, making it the backbone of electronic commerce services.

Highlights 2 Popular e-commerce applications to the depth

“Plan,” stressed the popularity of e-business applications and deepening.

Large enterprise, e-business applications focused on deepening. “Planning” emphasizes large enterprise as the lead, chain-based, supply chain management focus, give full play to its purchasing, sales, etc. leading role, integrating upstream and downstream affiliates related resources, to promote inter-enterprise business collaboration and networking the formation of production and management methods, greatly enhance the precision production and marketing groups in the reaction of comprehensive competitiveness. “Eleventh Five”, Online Procurement With sales accounting for purchases and total sales rose from “15” of 8.5% and 2% to 25% and 10%.

Small and medium enterprises and consumers, focusing on popular e-commerce applications. “Planning” emphasizes the use of third-party e-commerce for SMEs to be active service platform, the full implementation of the various production and business activities, outsourcing, and improve enterprise management level and economic benefits. “Eleventh Five”, regular application of e-commerce for SMEs account for the proportion of the total number of SMEs from “15” 2% to 30%. Meanwhile, the “planning” to encourage the development of new consumer-oriented services at different levels, focusing on development, including the new technologies, new applications, new model Mobile E-commerce, e-business applications to further enhance the permeability.

Highlights 3 Government is the first application

“Plan” clearly taking the lead in applying e-commerce. First, build e-government procurement pilot project, the second is the steady implementation of the Government’s information technology outsourcing services. SABUNG AYAM