Elissa Coleman: A Well-Loved Passion For Fashion

Elissa Coleman is an Australian designer known for her extraordinary artistry and creativity. Born from artistically inclined parents who were successful in launching their business in homeware, she grew up with a sense of innovation and love for beauty and the arts. She started to develop her working experience in her parent’s company and eventually felt the drive to do something more until she finally developed her own fashion brand we know today.

Her diligence paid off and was able to work almost instantly as her designer brand expanded its empire from across the globe, being launched only at the finest shops in the UK, Australia and Dubai. What made her pieces stand out from the crown would be her impeccable taste in authenticity and unconventional concepts, bringing in a new feel and definition of beauty.

Every designer piece produced by her truly encouraged women because of its laid back nature while permitting a woman to be feminine and sexy at the same time. Furthermore, her designs contain a trend of their own creating her fashion line very unique and new.

Working in Bali created a door of wonder for her. Bali’s keen taste for culture and the arts drove her to be inspired with few of the traditional methods in managing fabrics and making textiles as a base for creating an exquisite designer piece. Eventually, this became the base of her garments, making them humble, elegant, and fresh.

Her dresses normally tell a story for every girl who wears it. Her spring collection, “Paradise Found” was finely made only from the best materials comprised with Balinese influence. The story behind this marvelous piece is all about being able to discover a sweet surrender in a tropical island occupied with exotic beauty, some designer pieces are even elaborately done, with the beautiful adornment of embroidery and hand painted details. They’re made from soft silk fabrics, cotton voile and belt with supple details, creating each collection fun and flirty-the perfect essence for spring.

Certainly the next big thing she will be producing will be a fresh new trend in the fashion industry to say the least because of her great talent and eye for beauty in all shapes. Her loves for fashion has imparted her the chance of a lifetime beyond her wildest dreams and show everyone what unconventional beauty is like.
Sabung Ayam
Patha bali in indian tradition for devi puja ..

Sabung Ayam