Emotional Abundance – The Economic Crisis, Our Most Wonderful Wake-Up Call!

Our most wonderful wake-up call is now being received! Can you sense the planetary changes going on around us? We are NOT what we earn, and life no longer revolves around the credit cards and our lines of credit. Happiness, joy, and abundance, now must come from the inside and it is time for us all to learn how to access these new answers.

We would all agree that we do not always get what we want, instead what we get is always the sum of our life balance, our connection to Love and Spirit, and our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. There are no victims and there is no luck. Our life is a beautiful white canvas and we either paint our own picture or we allow others to do it for us. Many who are not enjoying their present life experience do not like this ‘canvas’ analogy because there is a feeling of comfort in being the victim and not having to take self responsibility. The victim of our spouse, our job, our boss, our government, our health etc. are just a few examples I hear from my audiences as I present to business groups and associations. The wake-up call of our current financial crisis is an introduction to a new era of self creation.

Where do we get started. The very first step is learning to listen to ourselves without the fear of judgment from others. We all have what I call an “Inner Radar” which always know what is best for us individually. We know we are listening to our own personal “Inner Radar” when something feels good to us; it is really that easy. The problem lies in that our “Inner Radar” is not our parents, not our spouses, not our churches:it is ours uniquely, and listening to our heart and then acting on it without fear of judgment from others is our first all important step.

Next, we must balance our male and female energies. For men it usually means becoming more sensitive, better listeners, more quiet and less aggressive, and for females it may begin with being more bold, more opinionated, more vocal, and more assertive. We are ALL part male and part female energies and until we can balance these out and integrate them we will have trouble creating our life.

There is much more to this new era of life creation and I look forward to sharing with you.