Empowering Single Moms with Scholarship Grants

Good news to single moms! You can still follow your dreams with free scholarship grants solely for you. These free scholarship grants are sponsored by the government and private institutions who knows well your struggles and who believes your capacity to be the person you want to be. There are lots of free scholarship applications in the web and all you have to do is to spend a couple of hours in searching them. You can also directly go to famous institutions, federal government agencies and non-profit organizations. Here are a few scholarship programs worth considering. 
The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship FundEstablished since 1990, this non-profit organization awards scholarship grants and financial assistance to impoverished single parents to finish a post-secondary education. The organization has been accredited by the Department of Education. To date, the organization has awarded at least 26,108 scholarships worth $ 14,123,278. To apply for the scholarship, you must prove to be a resident in a given state and should produce documents showing that you are below the poverty line. You should also pass all requirements like a filled-up application form and other scholastic documents. 
The Pell GrantSince 1965, the Pell Grant has helped single moms in pursuing a degree in college. Recently, it has been part of President Obama’s program empowerment for women program and has been tied with the program “Moms Return to School”. Unlike any federal government program, this scholarship does not require the scholars to pay the whole amount after she graduates college. To apply for the said program, one must fill up the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that can be found in any public educational institution. Qualified applicants may apply for community schools as well as online schools. The financial assistance is based on an individual’s need and income. It usually starts from $ 400.00 and $ 5,350 as the highest assistance. Usually, the Pell Grant offers assistance for two-year courses like Health Care Job Courses and associate degree courses. 
The R.O.S.E. ScholarshipThe R.O.S.E Scholarship which stands for Regaining One’s Self Esteem caters the educational needs of women who experience domestic violence among wife-victims and teen dating violence among single teenagers. Aside from financial assistance, they also give medical support particularly dental and facial surgery among victims to violence. This is particularly beneficial for women living in the New England Area. Qualified women scholars for educational assistance are granted $ 2,000 every semester. They need to reapply for the same scholarship in the next coming semesters. 
Federal Government Financial Aid and Child Care ProgramsAgain, this is a part of President Obama’s empowerment program. There are programs designed for single moms willing to start their own business and those who want to continue post-graduate studies. There are also agencies that want to alleviate the stress single moms experienced by providing childcare assistance.