eMule file sharing program for the more popular

Legal or not legal? And ‘This is the dilemma … Yet more and more internet users choose the “mule” as a program for file sharing. Simplicity and immediacy of use are its strong points are covered with attractive graphical interface.

The client of “Merkur” (the code-name of its founder Hendrik Breitkreuz) was back in 2002 on the ashes of eDonkey, his predecessor, who had already been a huge success. To operate, eMule uses the eDonkey network and implements the protocol Kad (Kademlia), which provides more search results and exchange files directly between users, eliminating the servers that act as intermediaries …

Arrived at version 0.49b, open source software among the most downloaded in the world, is supported by aperiodic updates but not guaranteed nearly constant ranging from one week to a month.
Particular attention should also modified versions of the original eMule, among which stands Gathering (used only in networks Fastweb), which uses the protocol Kadu through which you can reach extremely high rates of exchange.

With the rapid spread of eMule file sharing and, unfortunately, will grow even spy servers are able to control the traffic of users download and upload. To protect our privacy and then comes to help us a useful tool called PeerGuardian, which is constantly updated can block the action of these servers.

To download the program in English from the official website. Install the program and mandiamolo running. We just have to check for updates on the tab “Updates” by clicking on “Check for Updates”. Each time the program updates will we be able to apply them by clicking on “Enable all updates”. Now we can close the program. We recommend that you check and do the updates once a week to maintain a high level of proactive protection.

Unlike the active shield (shields in real time) of many antivirus and antispyware protection, Spyware Blaster for normal operation does not need to be running if not for the download application updates, so there are going to affect employment of our precious RAM. Also the use of Spyware Blaster does not preclude the operation of the antivirus resident who will always remain active in our operating system.


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