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According to insiders, Glass Industry is the traditional high energy-consuming industries, can completely eliminate backward production capacity, “This is major good news for us!” A company official said. “While it seems

Glass Industry capacity Off fairly balanced, but the new and proposed projects, too fierce, the risk of overcapacity is being accumulated, which may lead to excessive competition, causing the loss of the entire industry. Therefore, the proposed restructuring of the State at this time is very timely and necessary. On the one hand can effectively curb the momentum of blind development of the industry, reducing duplication; other industries and more than 10% of the level of the Rafah and other backward production capacity, eliminate backward production capacity this part out, so we can make more advanced production market space. “

Low-carbon emission reduction in China’s solemn commitment made shortly after the state began for high energy-consuming industrial enterprises Mocha, identified 18 trades will be accepted

Energy Reduction of the rectification work, as the energy-hungry industries were also ranked among the glass. Against this background, the past has been subject to cost pressures that have advanced production technology of glass enterprises will benefit.

Recently, Minister of Industry and Information Technology Li Yizhong, the Third Session of the Eleventh National People’s Congress Press Center answered questions on energy consumption. Li said, “We are high energy consumption of unit GDP energy consumption is three to four times the international level, or even eight times in Japan.” On the job in terms of the unit energy consumption compared to the level and international level, a difference of 10% ? 50%. Such a high energy, our environment and resources can not support unsustainable.

Said Li Yi, in energy conservation, energy, emissions, pollution issues, the industry is the largest, industry accounted for 70% of energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions of 70%, 83% of sulfur dioxide emissions. Therefore, the industry can not get arrested If energy conservation, national energy conservation is not finish the task. This leads to phase out backward. For the backward production capacity, we have statistics for 18 industry sectors, the backward production capacity of about 15%? 25%, a notice must be issued by the State Council to implement.

“Structural adjustment key is to have executive power.” The official said, “The restructuring, our business has four proposals: First, proposed to increase the access threshold, revised and published as soon as the new industry access strict market access system, regular publicity out of the situation backward production capacity; second is to enhance sampling, punishment, and resolutely crack down on non-standard production and non-standard use; Third, new product development, energy

Environmental protection
And so further increase the intensity of support and encouragement of good corporate environmental performance with appropriate rewards, non-compliance on environmental protection and energy companies rectification, shall be out of compliance even after; 4 is selected as soon as possible to develop large-scale backbone business standards, the implementation of large-scale group enterprise development to support specific measures. SABUNG AYAM