Enjoy Polish Programs on DISH Network

Amidst a huge gamut of service providers of television who are thriving in the industry DISH Network, the top notch service provider has established its foray. With wide array of programming choices and special services, DISH Network is a choice of all people who always want to tune in to the pomp and glamorous arena of entertainment world. What is unique about DISH programming is that it has rightly focused on the needs of both local people as well as that of international communities. In fact DISH TV has started airing programs on different languages so that all the foreigners who have thronged the places of United States also get flavor of good programs in their own language of their motherlands. In this way they can stay close to their home love, away from home.

In DISH Network there is a comprehensive package for Polish communities. Ask for news, movies and latest happenings of heir home land, you will get them all. In one DISH has captured a mini Poland for all the Polish speaking people who are residing in the heartland of United States.

With DISH Network you can expect more facilities .Suppose you miss your favorite programs as you have to catch up with some important assignments, you can run your DISH HD DVR for recording the programs. Later you can replay the programs and take its full pleasure within the comfort of your room.

Want to know about Polish packages of DISH Network? Throw a quick peek of the special Polish programming below:

Polish Super Pack

This package enables you to witness programs of various channels in Polish language. All the channels are presented in complete digitalized mode. Round the clock you can catch glimpse of various topics from Poland like news, current events, entertainment, kids’ programming and movies. Few Polish channels include EURONEWS, KINO EUROPA, TVN 24 and many more.

Polish Premium Package

Under this exclusive package you can get three fabulous Polish channels with fully digitalized images and sound. You can stay tuned to all the current news and affairs entertainment, children’s programming and more daily on 24 hours basis.

TVN Complete Package

The TVN Complete Package from DISH Network includes premium channels like TVN 24 and ITVN that deliver all the current live programs from Poland. Also you can watch other stuffs like reality shows, comedy series, sports, news, and programs for kids. The documentaries also are aired regularly.


Exclusively created for Polish people, ITVN, a general-entertainment channel offers various programs for all its customers. Starting from high quality series, comedies, documentaries, reality shows, Polish movies and cartoons for children you can many thing. It also extensively covers all the gala sports events that happen in present time.


Polsat 2 is another popular channel in Polish language that offers exclusive coverage of Polish programs like soap operas, sports, documentaries, popular sitcoms, world and Polish news, game shows and what more. You can watch all the live programs directly from television station in Poland.


This is the first round the clock news channel that broadcast news items directly from Warsaw. You can watch news both from Poland and abroad. Since the channel update news in every thirty the programming time schedule is also quite flexible thereby allowing frequent live broadcast.  Also you can get a wide coverage of current affairs.

So you can enjoy the best of Polish programming packages with DISH Network. It is also within the price tag that you can rightly afford.

Express News Live Transmission – 22 September 2017