Enjoy The Premier Taste Of Free Range Chicken

It might sound ridiculous to say that how a chicken is raised can affect the flavor of the meat, but it’s true. A free range chicken gets a lot of exercise, lives a life free of stress, and contracts less disease. These chickens get a regular amount of natural sunlight and are fed high quality food.

In the United States, a chicken that has access to the outdoors is given a free range certification by the US Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service or FSIS. Since the wording for this certification is rather loose, you really should familiarize yourself with the chicken farm of choice and learn exactly how the chickens are raised.

The European Union is much stricter when certifying free range chicken raised in European countries. They specify the kind of drinking troughs, shelter, and open air runs that must be used when raising free range chicken. There is a limit to the number of chickens per acre of ground to ensure the chickens have adequate room for daily exercise.

A reputable free range chicken and egg farm will be able to meet certain criteria. The land must have adequate sustainable vegetation, outdoor shade, and shelter. Housing for the birds must be protected from predators and be kept clean. The flock should be fed natural food, vitamins, and minerals. Free range chickens are never given growth hormones or antibiotics. Whenever you hear of a mutilation of claws and beaks, you can be sure the facility is not raising free range chicken.

There are further restrictions on the kind of feed that free range chicken is fed because these birds do not grow as slowly as organic chickens do. Organic chicken may be thought of as the ultimate natural meat choice, but there is little difference between the quality of organic chicken meat compared to free range chicken meat.

However, you are able to tell the difference between the meat of other kinds of chickens and the meat of a free range chicken. Chickens that have access to a natural environment that includes dirt, grass, fresh air, sunshine, and filler free food enjoy a life long upbringing that is much more substantial than the upbringing of chickens that have no outside activity and are housed in cages.

Customers that purchase free range chicken often comment that not only the texture and taste is outstanding but also addresses many health issues that they may be experiencing. Heart conditions, high blood pressure, weight control and even multiple sclerosis are a few of the areas where free range chicken has been an asset to a special diet.

Free-range chicken is a good source of protein and vitamins for your diet. For the best choice in preparing and presenting a great poultry recipe, this meat is premier to all others. Your guests will immediately notice the difference.
Sabung Ayam
York Cocoa House Afternoon Chocolate May 2017
Join us at York Cocoa House this May to enjoy our Spring Afternoon Chocolate Menu, a combination of our Cocoa House specialities all made with chocolate to enjoy this Easter!  Chocolate was once regarded as a hot liquor along with tea and coffee, to be enjoyed in polite society. In fact, the modern day tea cup was first created to drink chocolate from; the saucer would protect the ladies' beautiful dresses. We hope your chocolate menu will make you wonder why you didn't enjoy chocolate in every dish before.    Included in your Afternoon Chocolate menu: York Cocoa House Hot Chocolate (Yorkshire Tea and Coffee available too) A selection of our savoury chocolate treats; our menu changes seasonally, but this might include Mushroom & Cocoa Nib Pate on cocoa nib rye bread crostini, Wensleydale, Pancetta & Roast Chicken Bagel, Yorkshire Blue Cheese & Chocolate Tart, York Cocoa House Rarebit made with York Chocolate Stout Followed by: York Cocoa House Chocolate and Cherry Scones served with fresh whipped cream and Strawberry jam Rocky Road and our Special Chocolate Truffle Torte Price from £14.00 per person To Accompany: For a truly decadent version why not indulge in a glass of Sparkling Wine, Chocolate Wine, a cheeky indulgent alcoholic hot chocolate or York Chocolate Stout to accompany your Afternoon Chocolate. This can be added to your Chocolate menu for an additional £4.50 per person – please indicate you would like this when booking. Create your own Chocolate Treat: Learn how to make your own chocolate treat with us to take away and share, or maybe just enjoy. Your host will show you how to make your treats that will set while you are enjoying your Afternoon Chocolate so you can wrap them up beautifully to take home at the end. Chocolate Lollipop making can be added to your booking for an additional £3.75 per person. Take A Chocolate Class: Combine your chocolate afternoon with a chocolate workshop and learn how to make your own gorgeous chocolates that you can enjoy at home. We run classes every day at York Cocoa House so there is always something that you can take part in to complete your chocolate visit. Visit our calendar of events at www.yorkcocoahouse.co.uk/events to see our full program of events you can book on-line. Alternatively contact our team at [email protected] or T: 01904 675787 to arrange your own private party. To Book: Reservations for Afternoon Chocolate in our Chocolate Library can be made for groups of up to 8 people in size by selecting the date and time you would like to join us from those available. Larger Group Bookings: We are able to cater for groups of up to 10 in size in our Chocolate Library, and larger parties in conjunction with our partner venues. If your group is more than 8 please contact us at the Cocoa House so we can help arrange your chocolate event for you.  Special Dietary Requirements:  Please note that we are able to cater for most special dietary requirements, however not all items listed on the menu above may be available or suitable, please contact the Cocoa House on 01904 675787 if there are any special dietary requirements amongst your group so we can cater for them accordingly.