Ensuring the safety of the country – police stations in India

The Police Stations in India deserve a unique mention for the service that they are supplying to the public on an every day basis. Gone are the days when the police stations had been believed to be a spot exactly where the goondas were locked up or where miscreants had been housed. Nowadays, we see that there are a lot of commoners who check out the police stations for different demands.

Non-criminal services

There are a lot of non-criminal causes to visit the police stations. We see a lot of ordinary public who go into police stations to get attestation on specific documents to be submitted up to government agencies or for other locations where you want the police personnel to sign off on the address proofs that you are submitting.

Then there are officers from the police stations in Uttar Pradesh who are deployed to homes in and around the places for verification purposes, which includes these of passport troubles etc. Only when the police officers come over and confirm the address of the applicant, does the passport workplace even situation the passport. In case the applicants are not at property, they can go to the nearest police station and clarify their work schedule and the officers would accept the exact same.

In case you have lost some documents, like for example the transfer certificate of other educational certificates such as your mark sheets, then you can method the police stations in India closest to your location and file a very first details report that will assist you to apply for duplicate copies for the lost certificates.

Services related to crimes

The police teams are a lot more actively involved in solving crime associated events. So, when you unfortunately go through an accident or your house is burgled into, the police come into the image. You will have to strategy the nearest police station and register the occasion. In case you have any broken autos then you will require the copy of the registration of the police complain to claim your insurance coverage. If you have inadvertently triggered harm to any vehicle or individual also, it is constantly much better to go up to the police, if you are arrested primarily based on evidences then it could get very ugly.

In situations of theft, then you can lodge a complaint and give them the list of stolen objects. They will trace the offenders and put them behind bars. Of late, because the complete nation is seeing a spurt in crimes against ladies, which is a major reason for worry, most police stations are possessing a devoted cell exactly where ladies can come and report their complaints. As a result, in the current occasions, there is an elevated number of women police who are being brought into handle and take charge at such instances as females will really feel more comfy when they have other females folk about. This trend is being observed in police stations in Uttar Pradesh as properly exactly where we are seeing some devoted centers exactly where ladies can express their grievances against offenders who stalk them, pass lewd comments, molest or harass them. This is proving to be a big help for the females who are impacted and results in speedy delivery of justice to them as ladies are bound to understand the problems of their own group better and take the problems they are faced with seriously.
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