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8th of March – International Women’s Day celebrated worldwide

The 8th of March is celebrated Women’s day in the entire globe. The representatives of the lovely sex get their flowers and there are organized particular events in their honor. International Women’s Day is a day with historical and political implications and it has been celebrated for 100 years.

In 1911 a German socialist activist, Clara Zetkin, organized for the first time which will be named the International Women’s Day. In March, ladies in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Russia and other European nations held a series of marches to promote women’s rights in the world.
At the dawn of Globe War I while campaigning for peace, for the initial time Russian females celebrated International Women’s Day on the final Sunday in February 1913. Following the Revolution in October 1917, the Bolshevik Alexandra Kollontai persuaded Lenin to formalize the International Women’s Day in the Soviet Union.

In Western Europe, the International Women’s Day was celebrated in the period 1910-1920, soon after which it left the public eye. Only in the ’60s, the occasion was restored to life by the robust expansion of feminist groups.
On this day it is customary for males to give girls in their lives – wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters and colleagues, flowers and small gifts.