Enthusiastically Participated In The Chinese Stock Soaring Hot Money, “laughed Cop” –

Quiet for some time, “a concept of flow,” is back with the attempt to start another heat wave. A “state purchasing and storage orders for four million,” the news, yesterday’s resumption of Hualan material strength daily limit, while driving the bio- Pharmacy Plate holding red flag. Today morning, Hualan things still daily limit of opening, a flow concept stock gainers. Market phenomena

Collective Medicine Stocks, “laughed colored”
Yesterday, biopharmaceuticals segment is undoubtedly the most beautiful cities and a landscape. Hualan things just a resumption of trading yesterday they rushed daily limit, the other “a flow concept stocks”?? Tat gene, Rhine biology, Neptunus Bioengineering, also followed suit.

Biopharmaceutical whole plate is an “red flags were fluttering” of the scene. Fortune Securities Trading System shows that yesterday 117 biopharmaceutical stocks fell only 5.

Morning market to open lower today, bio-pharmaceutical stocks mixed in plate, most individual stock price correction, but Hualan thing, the Temple of Heaven biology, bio-Rhine, Neptunus Bioengineering, Tat gene, Kehua biological concept of a flow unit trend is still strong.

Market analysis that looks to the biopharmaceutical plate some unexpected gains from the news side of the actual edge of a “fuse.” Recently, Hualan material received MIIT issued 4 million a flu vaccine purchasing and storage orders, and these vaccines are scheduled Sept. 15 to complete the work of qualified test delivery.

It is this news, Hualan consecutive daily limit of things, but also makes the “concept of a stream,” return to the rivers and lakes.

Hot money enthusiastically participated in the “concept of a stream”
“A concept of flow” of funds by the market once again concern. Data show that the pharmaceutical industry a net inflow of 974 million yuan yesterday, ranking first in the industry, a net inflow of funds.

It is understood that in this wave of market, the inflow of Chinese funds plate mainly hot money.

Transaction data, yesterday, Guoxin Securities, a securities business department of Hangzhou Branch of China net inflow of biological 10.5533 million yuan; Guotai Junan Securities, a sales office in Chengdu yesterday, is to spend big to buy Section 37.1312 million yuan of China biological, Neptunus Bioengineering 2 ” A current concept stock. “

Biopharmaceutical stocks rose this morning, TOP10 (9 opening data) the stock ticker abbreviation opening opening price rise

002007 9.99% 49.53 yuan Hualan property
600161 6.54% 28.00 yuan Tiantan Biological
002166 3.03% 45.60 yuan biological Rhine
000078 2.9% 11.00 yuan Sea King bio
002030 2.84% 16.29 yuan Tat gene
002022 Kehua 2.28% 19.30 yuan biological
000790 2.16% 8.50 yuan Huashenjituan Too long
600222 1.92% 7.95 yuan Medicine
600530 1.71% 9.50 yuan Chiao Tung University Onlly
600572 1.67% 12.20 yuan Kangen Bei
Industry analysts Largest listed companies to benefit from a vaccine production qualification
A flu vaccine production of biological pharmaceuticals in the end plates have much impact?
Ministry of Health had proposed, in the National Day, 13 million will be completed by the reserve size. Investment adviser in the pharmaceutical industry researchers estimated that a flu vaccine in accordance with the price no higher than normal purchasing and storage Influenza Vaccine requirements to 25 per 1 prices, a flu vaccine market value of at least more than 300 million yuan.

In addition, the market expects the central and local government purchasing and storage before the end of 6500 million doses of a flu vaccine. This also means that a flu vaccine market value will be higher.

CSC Securities analyst Liu Yang pointed out the morning with a flu vaccine production is undoubtedly qualified listed companies among the biggest beneficiaries.

Changjiang Securities analysts pointed out that a flu vaccine purchasing and storage price yet to determine, in accordance with the per dose price of 20 yuan -30 element calculations, the relevant corporate earnings is very considerable, but the pricing can only be measured against clear performance before impact. SABUNG AYAM