Epson Large Format Shining New Advertising Market

Consistent with the technological superiority and outstanding new “living color HDRTM” pigment ink technology Epson in the advertising industry to continue singing the song of victory, all the way shine.

Recently, the world’s leading provider of Epson large format inkjet printing solutions for the full introduction of four new large printer EpsonStylusPro7910/9910/7910 Professional / 9910 Professional. With consistently excellent technical superiority, and a new “living color HDRTM” paint Ink Technology, Epson designed the advertising industry continue to sing song of victory, all the way shine. The introduction of four new products, not only in the print output quality has always been adhering to the Epson’s high standard, also printed with remarkable efficiency beyond, which the increasingly competitive advertising industry, the user is no doubt a Gospel is not small.

Super-excellent color, the classic heritage Today to promote the business image is becoming the driving force of many high growth companies, many users want before making investment decisions, be able to see more close to the actual proposals or ideas, to judge whether it can meet your business needs. In fact, from a wonderful idea to a perfect case of this process, the printer is responsible for the design of the proposal have been completed and accurate output, is the first complete creative designer “appearance.” Works as a design output of the final presentation, must ensure that “WYSIWYG”, which requires printing device with excellent image quality and color reproduction capability.

Epson inkjet products as the world’s leading provider of color accuracy in the context of reduction, there has been remarkable as. The launch of the latest “living color HDRTM” pigment ink, the ink only from the names he can feel its advantages: fresh, pigment ink can be saved long. Through the addition of green and orange ink, a substantial increase in the color gamut, not just to restore the color more true, but the details for the user to consider?? New eleven-color ink, matte black and photo black automatic switching, allowing users to in various media to print, choose the best combination of ink, so as to achieve the best imaging results. Complement each other with the ink, and also Epson new LUT (color lookup table) technology, which are better for the printing process of color stability, smoother gradation transition provided a guarantee.

High efficiency, stable and reliable In the case of guaranteed output quality, advertising designers more concerned with the printing efficiency. Speed, lower cost per unit time, thereby creating more profits. In improving the printing efficiency and reduce printing costs, EpsonStylusPro7910/9910/7910 Professional / 9910 Professional users from three considerations. First print speed, using the latest Epson Micro Piezo TFP print head technology, ultra-thin piezoelectric film and 360 nozzles per color design not only on the viscosity of the pigment ink for optimal treatment, but also effectively save print time. Followed by daily maintenance of the machine, as fixed assets, machinery and daily wear and tear and depreciation is inevitable, but the stability and reliability of Epson printers is the industry for all to see.

The latest EpsonStylusPro7910/9910/7910 Professional / 9910 Professional, the built-in sensor can not print in the case of operating state of rapid detection of the nozzle, and clean automatically when needed. This greatly saves the day in the maintenance costs, but also can save some labor costs. In addition, the print head is not consumable and have a long life. Only this one is enough to save a lot of costs for enterprises. Finally, simple, because the machine terminal operator has not been a lot of professional learning, dedicated graphics Epson printer manual, all the steps in front of a glance into the user can effectively save costs related to training, which greatly efficiency. SABUNG AYAM
BTS (방탄소년단) ‘DNA’ Official MV

​BTS (방탄소년단) ‘DNA’ Official MV


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Gaffer : HyunSuk Song (Real Lighting)
Art Director : JinSil Park (MU:E)

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