Erroneous Conceptions Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

It seems that Middle East which is a frequent focal of news you hear everyday is always heated by unrest, wars and violence. This region appears to be a mess as there are lots of attacks and retaliation between conflicting countries. Whether Palestinian terrorism or Israel’s occupation of Arab lands came first, whether Israel is responsible for the international escalation of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, those are only some of dilemma that needs to be addressed in this area. This article will provide you with some views about these questions, concentrate on clarifying other common misconceptions about the Israeli-Palestinian contradiction and Arab terrorism.


Was it the “occupation” by Israel of the West Bank and Gaza which led to the rise of Palestinian terrorism, as commonly claimed by Palestinian spokesmen, or was it Arab violence which forced Israel’s hand, ultimately leading it to conquer these territories in the 6-day war? Many see this as a classical “which came first — the chicken or the egg?” question, but for those who choose to examine the historical facts, the answer is clear.


Indeed, Arab terrorism against Israel and Israelis has been around since long before the 1967 six-day war, and even before the State of Israel was established in 1948. As far back as 1920, there were waves of violent anti-Jewish riots and terrorism by Arabs in what was to become present-day Israel. Other prominent incidents of Arab violence against Jews were recorded in 1929 with the massacre of the Jewish community in Hebron, and general Arab terrorism which continued until and beyond the UN Partition Resolution of November 1947 — which, as is well known, led to the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948 and prompted the invasion of the fledgling country by the armies of five surrounding Arab countries, whose declared intent it was to destroy Israel.


History therefore clearly refutes the Palestinian claims that Arab terrorism was brought about by Israel’s “occupation” of their lands in the 1967 six-day war. And yet, this Palestinian propaganda has found many advocates, who are more than happy to paint Israel as the villain, despite the historical evidence contradicting their claims. This atmosphere is eerily reminiscent of a period in the late 1930s in pre-war Germany, in which the common folk was more than eager to accept the scapegoat that they had been brainwashed to believe was responsible for all the country’s woes: the Jews.


Today, as Islamic fundamentalism is gaining ground worldwide, the Jews are once again finding themselves in the undesirable position of being the world’s scapegoat. Many find it convenient to be able to blame the worldwide increase in Islamic fundamentalist terrorism on Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and “occupation” of their territories — and the fundamentalists are more than happy to propagate this notion. But were this even really true, can this be considered a valid justification for the dramatic rise in terrorism around the world in recent years? Rather, it would appear to merely be a convenient tool to aid Islamic fundamentalists in their ultimate goal of world domination by Islam.


The Palestinians have made it clear that their aspirations do not end at the West Bank and Gaza, but rather extend to ALL of what constitutes present-day Israel. By the same token, should they get their way and Israel be removed from the picture, there would be nothing to stop Islam from proceeding to “conquer” Europe and the United States on their way to their ultimate goal of converting the infidels of the world to the one true religion… The world may not realize it yet, but it should be thankful that Israel is here to act as a “buffer” and prevent Arab terrorism from landing full force on their doorstep.