Establishing A Chicken Coop Checklist

If you’re seriously considering raising chickens in your yard, it’s best to read and meticulously evaluate each one of the following factors prior to getting your feet wet.

This is to be certain that you are prepared, ready, willing and able to do what must be done so as to get the most out of yard chicken raising.

Space: Although you don’t have to build chicken coops as large as your home, chickens do need sufficient room to wander in. Ensure that there is sufficient room in your yard where they can do their thing.

Time: Although chickens need very little care you want the time to fasten then in their coops safely at night and let out again in the morning. They also need to be given water and feed daily. Coop cleaning can be done on a weekly, bi-weekly or scheduled basis dependent on the number of chickens you have.

Cost: Though the primary investment may seem high due to feed costs and bedding expenses, chickens often pay for themselves several times over with their daily eggs, birds meat and the hours of pleasure they bring as pets.

How Many: The quantity of chickens basically is dependent on the space you have available. The rule is to have 3 or more because of the quirky group mindset of chickens! And if you need roosters as well , the suggested proportion is 1 rooster for every 10 hens but you’ve got to know that roosters aren’t mandatory for hens to lay eggs!

Neighborhood limitations: Check if your city or town has restrictions on keeping chickens in your property before you begin to build a chicken coop. As a pleasantness to your neighbors, it is a good idea to tell them of your scheme (particularly if they are next door neighbors, more so if you’ve got a rooster).

Free Ranging: As much as is possible, make sure that your chickens can enjoy free ranging but make sure that their free ranging area is secure from predators, including your area dogs. If your chickens do not have an enormous enough area wherein they can free range, build them a safe pen since they want the fresh air and exercise.

There you are! These are the first steps towards raising chickens and building a chicken coop in your yard.
Sabung Ayam
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