eToro Forum Reports Over 1 Million Users

LONDON and MILAN, 22 November 2010 – According to recent statistics,, the forex trading forum of the eToro platform, is proud to report that the site has now gathered over 1 million members who use eToro’s forum facilities.

The eToro forum functions as an essential component of eToro’s suite of community features. The purpose of the forum is to provide a place for eToro traders to share ideas and discuss all things to do with forex trading news, from world economic events to recent trends in currencies, commodities and indices, as well as reveal personal strategic tips and recommendations.

Thanks to its over 1 million members, the eToro forum today has become a rich and informative archive of trader discussion, one that can be especially useful to novice traders trying to make their first steps in the markets. Since is searchable, and contains discussion threads in seven languages, it presents a veritable user generated encyclopedia for any visitor looking to find out more about forex, commodity and indices trading. By searching a term, the visitor immediately gets access to a communally assembled body of knowledge on that term collected from over one million traders.

“The release of this staggering statistic only proves how much of a difference the eToro community makes to its members” said eToro C.E.O. Mr. Jonathan Assia. “The fact that over one million people come together in this forum to help each other trade better only means that our community of traders will keep getting better and stronger thanks to each other’s contribution”.

The eToro forex forum is only one of a series of community tools through which eToro facilitates its burgeoning community. Other tools include interactive chats, weekly trading challenges, Top Traders’ Insight tool, and eToro’s latest release – the eToro OpenBook, set to once again revolutionize the way people trade. One thing is for sure, eToro’s community is already proving that strength in numbers can definitely translate into a powerful tool in the financial markets, and with the community growing larger and stronger every day, the sky is the limit.