eToro Trading Platform From A Bird’s Eye View

As they say that ‘change is the only constant’ so is true of all web based activities. That is the reason why eToro, which has become a leading online trading platform for both new comers and veteran traders, has chosen to better equip it’s already very popular forex trading platform.

The eToro forex trading platform has been developed to engage each type of trader and currency exchange dealings are not more a boring task. You have at our service more trading screens and enhanced community features, which don’t let you feel, alienated to the set up at any point, but instead give you a warm welcome with increased usage flexibility.

Like all other social platforms, eToro has made available friend’s list for traders to add likeminded traders or other online friends to keep in touch and keep updated about their friends. This creative new approach is a combination of eToro’s forex trading software and web 2.0 community rendering remarkable results to give a personalized touch to traders’ accounts.

Gone are the days of cumbersome mechanical trading, the visual attractive tools of eToro’s forex trading platform have simplified yet trading while making it dynamic. The features are game like and fun to try out. You will have 4 trading areas to choose from as follows

Forex Marathon: Here you have to choose a currency of your liking and a competing currency. You will then have action figures representing each currency competing in a marathon after you choose the trading amount and open your trade.  It’s up to you to open multiple trades. All trades can be watched on a single screen through My Open trades, so that you can monitor each of your trades in all 4 trading areas. You will get details of your currencies amount and the respective profit and loss.
Dollar Trend: You can access it from the trading lobby. The appearance is same as the marathon only that a coin now replaces the figure. You bet on the rise and fall of the dollar and choose a currency to work against.
Globe Trader: Here you have a wider view of the countries laid out on a map and competing on your screen. A wire signal will be shown corresponding to your trade level. At the lower left of the map you will have some specifications and a small box above the wire, will keep you posted on additional information about your trade’s progress.
Forex Match: This is the most enjoyable as you see the visuals of what’s going on in your mind and also in the market. The graphics show a tug-of-war scenario with countries pulling the rope on either ends. This trading area is pretty absorbing.

When you are about to get up make sure you have closed all trades otherwise they will remain open in the market. All your day’s activity will be compiled in a trade log. eToro gives you the freeway to access it with a demo account for you to set up and practice on within minutes.