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A tableware collection is incomplete without an attractive serving bowl. What will be better than a smiley shaped bowl? Well it completes and embellishes your collection.

Serving in big pots, wooden bowls and paper or plastic bowls are now out of trend. It’s time for some exclusive range of kitchenware!

Your boss is coming at your home for dinner then it is really important to make dining experience an enjoyable experience. So have an exclusive range of tableware and enchant this collection by having smiley bowl.

Eva Solo provides a wide range of kitchenware collection for all your needs. It provides you with the tea maker, utensil sets, candlestick arms, silicone coasters, coffee maker and pizza cutter and lots more to choose from.

Understanding your needs Eva Solo comes up with Smiley bowl. It is made up of glass and available in a really attractive orange color. It’s a solid heavy weight bowl made from multi layer laminated color glass.

Eva Solo’s smiley bowl can be used to serve sweets, nuts, snacks and other titbits. You can use some delicious and yummy sweets to fill its mouth. Being a two layered bowl, its upper part can be used as sweet wrappers.

Also can be used to serve nuts where in upper part you can put empty nut shells. Also you can use for serving sweet and salty both at one time by putting them in its two layers. For kids you can serve chocolates in this attractive bowl.

Create a common theme by matching it with rest of the tableware or just give it an absolutely different look by choosing your tableware collection’s color white.

Eva Solo products are designed keeping in mind user needs and also customer’s pocket. Smiley bowl is easy to clean and durable. Also it is really affordable so you make their own collection also.

There are no as such set rules for a good tableware collection, but mix n match will make you gain lots of praise from your guests.

So, for making dining an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone that come to your home for dinner, you can have this attractive smiley bowl.

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Sabung Ayam
Tim Kasher -Allison Weiss / Campdogzz

Tim Kasher, with his bands Cursive and The Good Life or as a solo artist, has continuously pushed musical boundaries over his career, which has produced 17 LPs and EPs over 20 years. His fearless attitude is easily evident: he’s known for switching up sounds between his bands or his solo work (even switching up sounds on each project’s albums), crafting intricate concept albums (two of which – Cursive’s 2003 LP The Ugly Organ and 2012 LP I Am Gemini – featured play-like stage directions), and transforming songs originally conceived as a soundtrack for his self-penned screenplay into a standalone album (The Good Life’s 2007 release Help Wanted Nights).

Kasher’s forthcoming third solo album No Resolution (which will also be the first release from 15 Passenger, the new label founded and run by Cursive) is no exception, delivering what is arguably his most ambitious and intrepid work to date.

No Resolution is the natural continuation of Tim Kasher’s constantly evolving body of work. It is his most cinematic creation, a moving and cathartic collection of soundscapes that feels more like a suite of movements than a standard pop album, complete with instrumental breaks conjoining the nine songs. Fittingly, the 15 pieces will be featured in Kasher’s directorial debut film of the same name, which he also wrote, to be released later this year. Across the album’s strong story the characters – an engaged couple on the brink of a break up – grapple with the specific and the broad, including the restlessness of adulthood and smothering external pressures; relationships in various states of transition and the walls built within them; distrust, indecision, and despair; and the existential anxiety that drives a deep need to leave a mark on the world.

Filled with lush arrangements, No Resolution is some of the most beautiful and finely orchestral music from Kasher, yet it is also his most subdued and understated work. The string arrangements that dominate the album don’t simply hang in the background or accent the pretty melodies, they move the songs forward and force out the melodies as guitars do in traditional hard rock music. There is also a warm sophistication to No Resolution, with its fluid vibraphone tones, and also exhibits Kasher’s deft pop hand, with sudden horn blasts and dynamic shifts.

Kasher recorded the album at The Hobby Shop (with Andrew ‘mudrock’ Murdock) and at home in Los Angeles, CA, the Shape Shoppe in Chicago, IL (with Nick Broste), and at ARC Studios in Omaha, NE (with Ben Brodin), with additional arrangements by Patrick Newbery (Cursive, Oquoa) and percussion arrangements by Dylan Ryan (Sand, Rainbow Arabia).