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Mrs. Brown, You have got a Beautiful Daughter: A stupid reprieve for a film, with Herman and his Hermits heading for London to enter their greyhound in a race. In between the anticipation they harmonize “There is a Sort of Quiet All around the Planet” Cast includes Herman’s Hermits, Stanley Holloway, Mona Washbourne, Sara Caldwell, and Javelin Percival. (100 minutes, 1984)

Slaughter’s Large Ripoff: A murderer is nevertheless playing games with the Mob in this dull actioner. McMahon gives far more effort to his function as the mob boss than it merits. Cast inccludes Jim Brown, Ed McMahon, Brock Peters, Don Stroud, Gloria Hendry, Dick Anthony Williams, and Art Metrano. (93 minutes, 1973)

The Plough and the Stars: Boring, theatrical filmizations of Sean O’Casey’s play with Foster as Irish revolutionary leader and Stanwyck as long-agonizing spouse who prays for his life. Cast involves Barbara Stanwyck, Preston Foster, Barry Fitzgerald, Una O’Connor, Bonita Granville, and Arthur Guards. (78 minutes, 1936)

Hackers: A group of youthful competer specialists is framed for crimes committed by computer whiz and could-be master felon Stevens, and have to use their personal personal computer skills to demonstrate their innocence. It is swift paced and the lucid directing makes it exciting. Cast involves Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina. Jolie, Fisher Stevens, Matthew Lillard, Laurence Mason, Jesse Bradford, Renoly Santiago, Lorraine Bracco, Wendell Perforate, Penn Jillette, Felicity Huffman, and Marc Anthony. (105 minutes, 1995)

Barry Lyndon: Desirable, methodically detailed period piece with megastars O’Neal as Thackeray’s 18th-centuiy Irish rogue idol who desires prosperity nonetheless lets it go to his head. The film is lengthy, intentionally slow despite the fact that on no account uninteresting. Cast includes Patrick Magee, Hardy Kruger, Steven Berkoff, Gay Hamilton, Murray Melvin, Frank Middlernass, and Andre Morell. (183 minutes, 1971)

Ju-on The Grudge: Ghosts of a violently killed mom and her kid vengefully terrorize and murder a succession of individuals who have a connection with the humble Tokyo house where the murders took spot. Not a tale as such, even though a succession of eerie scenes, some peacefully scary, others outright horrifying. Cast includes Megumi Okina, Misaki Ito, Misa Uehara, Yui Ichikawa, Kanji Tsuda, Takako Fuji, Kayoko Shibata, Yukako Kukuri, Takashi Matsuyama, and Yuya Ozeki. (92 minutes, 2003)

Trading Hearts: Trading Hearts is a meager baseball romance in which precocious II-yearold Lewis tries to exploit her mom (D’ Angelo), a show-biz failure, into matrimony with busted-down ballplayer Julia. Cast involves Raul Julia, Beverly D’ Angelo, Jenny Lewis, and Parris Buckner. (88 minutes, 1988)

Kim: Fascinating action film primarily based on Kipling classic set in 1880s India, with British cadets combatting disobedient locals. Cast contains Errol Flynn, Dean Stockwell, Paul Lukas, Thomas Gomez, and Cecil Kellaway. 113 minutes, 1950)

The Lawyer: Energetic tale loosely based on the renowned Dr. Sam Sheppard murder case. Newman is a stubborn youthful barrister guarding doctor implicated of killing his spouse, fighting lawful procedure and uncooperative judge. Cast consists of Barry Newman, Harold Gould, Diana Muldaur, Robert Colbert, and Kathleen Crowley. (117 minutes, 1970)

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Sabung Ayam
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Karl Levander (@reallokal)

Extra vocals: Oscar Levander

Mix: Oscar Levander

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