Examples of Emergency Shelters Being Used in Recent International Disasters

Losing your home in a natural or a man-made disaster is a terrible ordeal. The international community has taken pains to get involved in goodwill programs that provide emergency shelters to those who have lost their homes. People from all corners of the world donate generously to both governmental and non-governmental organizations. It is the job of the organization to responsibly take the emergency materials to the victims.

The number of disasters has increased greatly all over the world. Therefore, it has become the duty of the international community to offer every help and support to the victims and provide them with the emergency shelters in all the natural and manmade disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, wars, and famines, etc.

There are many international organisations such as the Red Cross, UNHCR, and Shelter Centre are already involved in providing the shelters and the emergency services to the homeless people. These shelters or temporary homes are free of cost and allotted based on need.

In some of the recent global disasters, in which the international organisations have provided relief, and emergency shelter, and services, comprise mostly of the third world countries. Countries like Indonesia and the beautiful island of Sumatra are the two archipelagos that have been greatly affected, because of the recent earthquakes in the region. The people in all these areas have been given shelters with the hopes that they quickly recover from this tragedy, and get back to a normal life.

In many African and the Asian regions, water related natural disasters have caused great damage. India, Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Niger, Samoa, and Philippines are the areas that are hit by floods, mudslides, either tsunamis, or typhoons. There was a high death toll, which was witnessed in these areas, a great number of people were left homeless, and displaced. In all these disasters, the international community has reached out, and provided help, and emergency shelters to the displaced people.

The worst example of the man-caused disasters can be seen in Pakistan, occupied Palestinian territories, or Gaza, and Congo. These countries are crippled, because of the war going on within their own territories. Therefore, it becomes very impossible to estimate the highly damaged areas. Again, here as well, the international community has provided emergency shelters to the displaced persons of Swat, and regions greatly hit by the war.

The international community has also provided shelters in other areas of the world as well. The victims of the fire in Australia, the victims of flood in Colombia, and earthquake in Italy, were all provided with the emergency shelters.

Victims of Storm surge in Papua New Guinea, and hurricanes in Cuba, and those disturbed by the hurricanes in Haiti, Turks, and Caicos were also helped, and were provided with the emergency shelters. Some countries like Bolivia, Ecuador, Belize, Nepal, and Ukraine braved the worst flood, which ruined their homes and their employment opportunities as well. However, all these people were helped and were supported by the international community to resume their normal course of life.
Sabung Ayam
Wara Kalap – Caving Exploration in Papua New-Guinea

A team of caving explorers went into the heart of the rainforest, in Papua New Guinea, to search for giant caves and underground rivers. They want to understand where water comes out, from the resurgence of “Wara kalap” along the Solomon Sea. Curiosity and sense of adventure are driving these people a little bit crazy, ready to live in extreme conditions to achieve their passion!

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