Exclusive Mandarin Packages Of Directv On Valentine’s Day

Make your Valentine’s Day celebration more exciting by bringing home a bouquet of packages that DirecTV is offering for all its viewers. General choices like sports, movies, music and many more like kids channels, adult channels are available, plus DirecTV has widened its spectrum by incorporating all the exclusive channels on programming for the foreign community who have settled down in every corner of American subcontinent. That is to say you can sip every ounce of entertainment bonanza from DirecTV packages on different languages like Brazilian, Korean, South Asian, Cantonese and what more. If you search for exclusive programs in Mandarin language you are assured of getting it from DirecTV Satellite TV provider.

When you subscribe to DirecTV you will bound to get few exclusive offers and special services. What are these? Well, to begin with you will take pleasure of watching some of the programs in fully digitalized mode and some of them even are aired in HD mode. What else? Watch the programs in larger than life images that are effectively juxtaposed with stunning Dolby digital sound track. Again DirecTV helps you to get rid of ‘missed programs syndrome’. So do not worry even if you are unable to catch the finale episode of your favorite programs on DirecTV channels. Set your DirecTV Receiver with DVR facility and go on recording the programs for several hours in fully digitalized mode. You can later reply the same stuff and watch it as many times as possible as per your convenience. Is not it quite interesting?

So bring home the Satellite TV packages that DirecTV offers for Mandarin speaking public in US and thus stay tune to the world of entertainment of your homeland. Surely, this will be your most memorable Valentine’s Day when, in company with your beloved, you can catch all the exclusive programs of Mandarin language and thus feel at home even you are so many miles away from home.

Want to have a look at the exclusive DirecTV Mandarin packs? The first pack is Mandarin Direct III that offers eight channels in original Mandarin language. Look at the channels in the following:

Phoenix NA TV: Enjoy all the current events, special programs from business and financial sectors and also quite a few documentaries. You can also watch plays and serials from places like Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Special programs like Trendy Guide, Perfect Match, City Complex and Good Morning India are available on this channel.

Phoenix InfoNews: This is a 24X7 channel and also first foreign satellite channel that offers programs like financial news , current happenings in Mandarin Chinese language. Avail news on economy and finance, live recording of current events of the world and many more.

Other channels include Charming China,Tai Seng Sat TV; CTI Zhong Tian channel ;TVBS:, TVB8; CCTV-4.

Under JADEWORLD+ TAI SENG ENTERTAINMENT package, you can enjoy six exclusive channels [4 Cantonese and 2 Mandarin channels]. Channels that are available include TVB1, TVB2, TVBS, TVB Entertainment, CCTV-4, and Tai Seng Entertainment. SABUNG AYAM